Starbucks Reusable Red Cups 2019 are here for free and it says ‘Merry Coffee’

Starbucks Red Cup 2019

The Starbucks Red Cup is back. It means the holiday has officially arrived! Red Cups have a fun season, and customers who order holiday drinks at Starbucks stores (November 7) will receive a free limited edition reusable red cup, and supplies will last.

The reusable red cup design for 2019 is a leaf for this year's Starbucks holiday theme, with the word "Merry Coffee" dancing on a symbolic holiday red background. Customers who brought 2019 reusable red cups to the Starbucks store after 2pm. 50 cents off Grand Holiday Drinks (16 ounces) from November 7 to January 6.

There seems to be a word "Christmas" that Starbucks doesn't like. The coffee chain announces four new seasonal cups on Thursday. None of them use the word "Christmas". The closest is the words "Mary Coffee" for two of the four designs and "We wish you a pleasant coffee". In the newly designed cup sleeve.

Starbucks faced a backlash from Christmas traditionalists when they announced the 2015 Red Cup and the 2016 Unity of Unity Cup, a week before the presidential election. Recently, I have seen holiday color pattern design. The new Starbucks Green Cup is available for a limited time only at US stores.

It is difficult to measure whether the aversion to using the word "Christmas" goes beyond Starbucks. But in 2017, Trump posted on Twitter that he was proud to say Merry Christmas again since Americans took office on Christmas Eve. "I am proud to be responsible for the attack of our precious and beautiful phrases," he wrote. "Merry Christmas!!!!!"


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