Sri Reddy about Udhayanidhi Stalin – What really happened between them? Official Clarification

Three Reddy Udhayanidhi Stalin Controversy

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, there was a post on Sri Reddy's official Facebook page with screenshots of her and Udayani De Stalin's sexual misconduct. She posted a screenshot with the following line: "Just want to talk. Soon we'll be releasing a press conference about this. Keep patience at the press conference we will one day announce." # Srireddy trending on Twitter.

Now Sri Reddy met the media and opened a Facebook post. Sri Reddy said it had nothing to do with Udhayanidhi Stalin and someone was using his name incorrectly. She said it is a fake complaint and they are using her name to damage the image of Udhayanidhi and DMK.

She has 100 fake IDs for her, and it's not from the original ID, and Udhayanidhi Stalin's post was posted with a fake ID to file a police complaint. Sri Reddy added that former CM Jayalalitha is her inspiration and respects Kalaignar and DMK president Stalin.

Sri Reddy's official announcement should address all false claims about Udhayanidhi Stalin, which is spread across social media.


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