Special message for fans of Humayun

Mera Pass Tum Ho superstar Humayun Saeed has captivated many people with his immense acting on screen. He gained great popularity in playing a romantic role in Pakistani films.

Humayun worked in a TV series after a long time and has always been the story of the city. People love him more for playing the role of Denmark in the dramas they have seen most.

Humayun Saeed interviewed several times about his drama Mera Pass Tum Ho. In an interview, Humayun Saeed was asked to send a special message to her fans that conveyed much love and appreciation and made them feel that they could do more in the television industry.

Humayun Saeed added that people should be grateful to senior actors and encourage them to do more for Pakistan showbiz. Fans are the biggest supporters of actors and inspiring actors to work hard on the screen.

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