Recent Match Report – New Zealand XI vs England XI Tour Match 2019

England XI 1 of 285 (Sibley 100, Crawley 103) v New Zealand XI

The centuries of Dom Sibley and Zak Crawley gave us a glimpse into the future of the UK as the test leg of the New Zealand tour began.

This game is not a first-class game, and on a very cold day, there were moments of light visible for several years in the strength of the test cricket in the desert land.

But Sibley and Crawley have had the opportunity in their first innings in England shirts for hundreds of years, so it wasn't hard to imagine when the two would be fixtures in terms of testing.

Sibley is an old-fashioned test batter in many ways. He is unusually patient, according to modern standards. Here we made nine of the first 48 deliveries, faced 22 consecutive point balls in one step, and did not hit the boundary until the 60th delivery. .

But he is not a reckless person. Once he is set up, as demonstrated, he can pull, cut, drive, and cut to the best. I just prefer to give the turnstile a high value and take a percentage when building innings. His first 50 run-left arm rotors won 109 balls, including six loft bags over the head of Teo van Woerkom. His second 50 is 52 balls. He did not give it a chance, and for hundreds of years in a row he was unmatched. It is certain that he will open the next week's test before innings this week, but now he needs to start the game with high confidence.

His stance, like the British Batman since Peter Willey, will raise his eyebrows as more audiences see it on TV. But in the last 18 months, when he saw him at County Cricket, there was nothing to surprise the people he scored by scoring. The open stance, which is characteristic of those coached by Gary Palmer's freelance blow consultant, maintains prejudice on the sides of the legs, but also helps to balance and avoid trapping the bat behind the forelimbs. Keeping in mind that he was the only one to score in the 1,000 Division 1 Championships in 2019, he scored 1,324 and had more than a thousand ships than any other player in the division. In short, he was demanding at the top of the order for some time.

There may also be crawlies. It's asking an average 31-year-old from a 21-year-old county cricket to take things in the top order of the test team, and at first I wasn't as sure as his partner here. I needed 16 balls and some of them didn't score. He fell to Woerkom's spin at the age of 11 with short legs. But as he settled, he showed various strokes. I've created a growing innings. The two have retired over the centuries to provide opportunities for team members. Joe Root, who makes a run-a-ball 41 before the stump, showed a close touch.

"I don't see myself as a blocker," Sibley later said. "But it's hard to open a batter. So you have to face a lot of balls and drill a new ball. Then you can put cash. I think there are a few shots in the locker." It's easy. "

When interpreting this score requires some care. This New Zealand XI includes a good cricketer, but Benjamin Lister and Henry Shipley were the choice of seam attack. There is no doubt that competition standards will increase sharply in the future.

It was not a perfect day for England. As the rain-resistant match progressed until 2:30 pm, he had to plan to give every Batman a chance. As a result, they can play well on the second day of this game, which will give the bowling player some time in the conditions of the game. Ben Stokes was hit when he hit the net, hurting his wrist. Rory Burns looked pretty solid for the first hour, but was disappointed with a series of strokes. Luckily through the cordon, he was able to survive a series of misses, but he could not have another dart outside the stump. On the third slip there was an excellent catch.

However, the location of the burn is not in doubt. He will have another chance to prepare a test series in a three-day first-class game starting at the same place on Friday. Joe Denly is expected to return to third place. In fact, Jonny Bairstow had a few days later studying England and his skills, and sentenced Crawley to an incidental period. Ollie Pope plated with Joss Butler on test side 6. It looks more balanced than you haven't already recovered.

And Crawley hinted that he might have to wait for another chance, but he'll be ready when the call comes. This may be the first time Crawley and Sibley have scored together in the UK, but there is no reason to doubt that it will be the last.


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