Queen Rania urges international community to ‘do more’ for Rohingya Muslims


8:05 PM | October 23, 2017

The Queen of Jordan said Monday that the international community must respond effectively to ending the suffering of Hinya Muslims with hundreds of thousands who have escaped the persecution of Burmese authorities who fled to Bangladesh.

On Monday, Queen Rania visited a refugee camp in the Cox's Bazar area in Bangladesh, talking about the “shocking escalation of violence” of Roh Hingya and urging the international community to intervene.

Since August 25, Rohingya has come to an end with global violence, causing more than 600,000 people to flee to Bangladesh. The United Nations has called Myanmar's actions textbooks for national cleansing.

Bangladesh houses hundreds of thousands of Rohing Yachts who left Myanmar in 1978. The United Nations says about 80 percent of the Hinya Muslims live in temporary settlements there, and about 58 percent of them are children up to age 17.

The United Nations says it needs more support to deal with the crisis.

In a Monday statement, Rania said, “Why is the plight of Muslim minorities disregarded? "Why has this systematic persecution been so permitted for a long time?"

The queen said she was shocked by the limitations of basic services for health care and other life-saving assistance.

"I can't forgive this crisis and be ignored by the international community," she said. “World response is muted. We urge the United Nations and the international community to do more to bring peace to this conflict. "


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