Public toilet finder app to be launched in KP – Pakistan

PESHAWAR: An application will be launched on November 19 to help people, especially tourists, find public toilets throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

This was announced by Imranullah Mohmand, assistant coordinator of the water and sanitation services (W&SC) cell of the local government department, while informing the special assistant of the Chief Minister of Science and Technology, Kamran Bangash, here.

Mohmand said a similar application was being implemented in Australia and India for mass facilitation and that now KP people would also take advantage of the installation.

He said the step was aimed at keeping the province clean and protecting the environment from degradation and citizens from disease. He said that all the necessary information about toilets, including their distance, men, women, children and people with disabilities, would be available in the application for public information.

Mr. Bangash thanked the W&SC initiative and said it would facilitate both people and tourists and help project a good image of the province.

He said that according to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, initiatives were being taken to make the country clean and green.

Mr. Bangash said that all available resources were being used for digitization and to make KP a paperless province.

Published on Dawn, November 9, 2019



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