PTI lawmaker indicted in smuggling, tax evasion case – Pakistan

A customs court in Karachi accused Pakistani lawmaker Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Muhammad Aslam Khan in a case involving alleged smuggling and tax evasion, emerged Thursday.

The customs department had reserved Khan aka Aslam Singapori, who was elected to the National Assembly by the NA-254 constituency (Central Karachi-II) on a PTI ticket in the 2018 elections, in 1997, for alleged misstatement and Tax and tariff evasion.

Judge Sadaf Asif of the special court (customs and taxes) read the charges against Khan, who was accused of committing crimes under Section 156 (1) (8) (89) and (14) of the Customs Act of 1969 However, he pleaded not guilty and chose to challenge the case.

Therefore, the judge has summoned the witnesses to record their testimonies on the next date of the hearing.

Customs had reserved seven men, Mohammad Azam and Hameed-ud-Din along with their five fleeting accomplices: Aslam Khan, Mohammad Saleem Khan, Sajjad, Asif and Akhlaq Ahmed, in 1997.

According to the prosecution, the defendant had smuggled electronic products worth Rs28.57 million in association with Pakistan Air Force personnel in Pakistan under the clothing of PAF defense stores from 1995 to 1997. They allegedly caused losses from the sum of Rs28.57m to the national treasury



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