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PSC results 2019 প্রাথমিক / ইবতেদায়ী শিক্ষা সমাপনী পরীক্ষা Get PSC results

psc result 2019 including full Marksheet post

psc results 2019psc results 2019 dperesult.teletalk. 2019 PSC results Bangladesh will be announced on December 27, 2019. The PSC exam began on November 20. A total of 3,230,288 examiners will take the exam this year. 2,930,573 will take the PSC and 299,715 will take the Ebtedayee exam. This year, the psc exam will be held at 7,194 centers, including 11 overseas centers. The Elementary School Certificate (PSC) and Grade 5 exams begin Sunday, November 17, 2019 and continue until November 25.

সরকারি চাকরি খুঁজুন এখানে

PSC test scoring system 2019

Most students do not know about the PSC grading system. The 2019 PSC test results reveal the grading system. There are no additional electives on the PSC exam. Therefore, GPA is calculated as the average GPA for all subjects. Below are the GPAs for these topics from the 2019 PSC exam results.

My mark Grade point Grade obtained
0 to 32 0.00 F
33 to 39 1.00 D
40 to 49 2.00 Seed
50 to 59 3.00 ratio
60 to 69 3.50 a-
70 to 79 4.00 a
80 to 100 5.00 A +

PSC results full table sheet 2019

The full mark sheet of PSC Result 2019 is now available. Full mark sheet means PSC results with thematic marks and other of the whole marks. It is very important for all students. Last year, DPE created a board challenge system (result review) for PSC results. If a student scores 77 or 79, they can apply for a board challenge (result review). Paid system. Powered and maintained by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. More details can be found below. PSC full mark sheets are also important for understanding scholarship results.

বেসরকারি চাকরি খুজুন এখানে

There is no additional system to check PSC Result 2019 with Full Marksheet. You can get it from the online system. While checking online PSC Result 2019 in the online system, the details show up. You can also print the mark sheet by clicking the Print button.

jsc Results 2019 দেখুন সবার আগে

How to check PSC results 2019 by SMS – প্রাথমিক / ইবতেদায়ী শিক্ষা সমাপনী পরীক্ষা

To get PSC results 2019 very easily, therefore, Mobile SMS is the easiest way to get results in a short time. So let me show you how to get PSC results via mobile SMS in two ways. Not all parents can see the results online. For them, this is an easy way to see the results. If you easily check the PSC results 2019, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited took care of it easily. Only student ID numbers can be used to check PSC results 2019 on mobile SMS. We are offering two separate SMS format processes.

DPE 16222 Student ID Number

Yes: Send to DPE 25648 16222

Teletalk Bangladesh Bangladesh first released it in 2016. It is now the most used Mobile SMS format in PSC Result 2019. So use this message format to check PSC Result 2019. By SMS. A 2.54 TK fee will be charged Other mobile SMS formats available include: You can use this format even if you do not have a student ID number. You can use PSC roll numbers here.

DPE Tana Cord Roll

Finally, send a message to 16222. You will soon receive the results on your phone. SMS rates are the same. You will know that all operator numbers are allowed. So use mobile numbers to check the results. Do not send a message before posting the results.

DPE Tana code role

Yes: DPE 08 239564

Topic code of the PSC topic board

exam title password
DPE Bangla 111
English 112
Math 113
Bangladesh and Global Identity 114
General science 115
Religious education 116
EBT Bangla 121
English 122
Math 123
Bangladesh and Global Identity 124
General science 125
Religious education 126

About elementary education

Indigenous educational systems developed in the Indian subcontinent in the ancient and medieval times were largely theological and philosophical. This educational system was isolated from the general public. Known as the modern educational system, it was introduced and implemented by the United Kingdom.

This training period began in 1971 when people fought for glory to achieve independence. Independence According to the Independence Constitution of Bangladesh, primary education will be the responsibility of the state.

Full table sheet সহ সবার আগে রেজাল্ট নিতে ক্লিক করুন এখানে


এখানে আপনার Student ID বসিয়ে সবার আগে আপনার ফলাফল দেখুনঃ


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The regulations are as follows:

The state will take all effective measures

(A) Encourage free compulsory education for all children to establish a uniform and universal education for the public.
(b) at the time prescribed by law. Properly trained and motivated citizen production.
(c) Required by law. Remove illiteracy.

Bangladesh Board of Education:

  • The commission report in 1974 summarized the following goals for primary education:
  • Develop and nurture children's moral, emotional and social personalities.
  • To raise children as a patriotic, responsible, curious, law-abiding citizen, and to develop love for justice, dignity, labor, right conduct and justice.
  • You can learn and count how to read and write in your native language.
  • You can acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary for future citizens.
  • Prepare for the next level of higher education.

ব্যাংকের চাকুরি খুজুন এখানে

It can be noted here that all the recommendations of the committee have not yet been fully implemented. However, in 1973, the government nationalized 36,165 elementary schools and proclaimed 1,57,724 teachers as officials under the law called the Elementary Education Act. Since then, strengthening and improving primary education management has become part of the state's responsibilities, and gradually the planning stage for primary education development has been taken.

PSC Result 2019 will be published on December 27, 2019.

Assuming that the student gets a number from the test according to the numbers given below, the result is:

title score Grade point ranking
Bangla 87 5 A +
English 73 4 a
Math 94 5 A +
General science 66 3.5 a-
social science 58 three ratio
Islamic study 76 4 a

So the average GPA (CGPA) is (5 + 4 + 5 + 3.5 + 3 + 4) = 24.5 / 6 = 4.08. So PSC Result 2019 will be GPA 4.08. The letter rating is A. The GPA ranges from 0.00 (F) to 5.00 (A +).

How to check Ebtedayee results 2019

This is equivalent to an elementary school certificate or a PSC exam. Ebtedayee Result 2019 is published with PSC Result 2019. PSC Result is published by the authorities, but you can check Ebtedayee Result 2019 online or on mobile SMS.

The results post all student questions and how to get results on your mobile. To check the results online, see the previous text that provided details on how to get ebtedayee results on your mobile. You can get Ebtedayee results on the same server on this PSC. This result is also provided by the DPE. Visit the website and follow all the steps. Only one replacement is needed. Choose Ebtedayee from the test. All other options work fine.

You can now also check Ebyedayee results 2019 by mobile SMS. The following mobile SMS formats are available: It works while the results are posted online. SMS charges apply. Now open the message options on your mobile. Then enter the SMS below.

EBT Student ID Number

EBT Student ID number to send to 16222

Yes: EBT 23594 Transmission 16222

Send the message to 16222. Where can I get an Ebtedayee student ID number? Located on the Ebtedayee Admit Card. So check your results the way you want or the way you want.

How to Identify PSC Results Board Challenges – Review Results

PSC board challenge system is available. All students can now apply to reconfirm 2019 psc results on this system. Board Challenges begin the day after the results are announced and continue for the next 15 days. This process requires the use of Teletalk prepaid mobile numbers. Now let's talk about the psc Result 2019 challenge system.

Recharge your Teletalk prepaid mobile account. Then you need two SMS charges and 180 taka per topic. To apply for one course, you need 185 Takas in your account balance. So go to your phone's SMS option and then enter a new message. Now fill in the format below with your information.

DPRSC Send student ID subject codes and send them to 16222.

Yes: Send to DPRSC 163256799 113 and 16222.

Now 183466485 is the student ID number and 112 is the subject code (Bangla). After you send your first message, you'll see a message with your student's name, billable amount, and PIN. You need to use your PIN to send the second message. Now send the second message in the format below.

DPRSC Yes PIN number Contact and send to 16222

Yes: DPRSC Example 00766819 Send to 01XXXXXXXXX and 16222.

Now this 797857525 is an example PIN number. You will need to replace the PIN number you receive in the first message.

How to check your 2019 PSC results scholarship results

PSC Scholarship Results 2019 will be published within 90 days of the publication date of the PSC results. The Department will post a list of PSC scholarship candidates selected by the District on its official website. PSC scholarship results can also be found on the official website. We have already given you an idea of ​​the results of the PSC scholarship.

Visit: the official website for primary education

If your psc results are good, we will help you check psc scholarship results 2019. Information department name, school district name, police station name, roll number and year. Now visit the official website to check the PSC results. You can view the scholarship results in the portal.

Post PSC Result 2019 প্রাথমিক / ইবতেদায়ী শিক্ষা সমাপনী পরীক্ষা Get PSC Results Appears first on deshbd25.Com.


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