‘PPP true ambassador of Kashmiris,’ says Bilawal on party’s 52nd foundation day – Pakistan

The president of the PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, assured Kashmir on Saturday that his party will not remain silent on the situation in Kashmir occupied by India and will fight with full force as its "true ambassadors."

Speaking at a large meeting on the occasion of the 52nd day of the founding of the PPP in Muzaffarabad, he took a strong exception with Prime Minister Imran Khan for what he believed was a poor defense of the cashmerers against the measure of August 5 by of the Indian government.

The foundation day event was held at K.H. The Khurshid Stadium, in the heart of the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), will issue a new reminder of the fact that PPP was founded on the theme of Kashmir.

A considerable number of women were among the accused meeting that continued singing pro-Bhutto slogans during the event.

"In the last 117 days, Kashmir has become an open prison where shops and schools are closed, where there are no medications for patients, where there are no internet and telephone services and where journalists and journalists are not allowed international organizations". Bilawal said, adding: "We cannot remain silent about this situation."

He said that PPP was the only part that had recognized and exposed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the beginning, apart from asking others to understand the true nature of their actions.

"I have been saying since day one that Modi is an extremist who will not only turn out to be a curse for the people of India, but will also push the entire region towards fire and blood and therefore cannot be maintained. conversations with him. "

He recalled that when he had said that "Modi's friends" should be rejected, they called him anti peace.

"Let me tell you that I and my group want peace, but not at the expense of Kashmir."

He claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan had prayed for Modi's victory on the premise that he would solve the Kashmir problem, which was enough to judge his "mental backwardness."

“He (PM Khan) now says that Modi is an RSS activist and a Hitler follower. May I ask if he was not an RSS activist and a Hitler follower when I was calling him? "

The PPP chief said Modi was not only a threat to regional and global peace, but also to India itself. "Several generations in India will reap the consequences of Modi's prejudices and idiocy."

"The selected prime minister, Imran Khan, calls himself a Kashmir ambassador, but what kind of ambassador is this that neither he himself visited or sent any delegation to a single country and could not present a resolution in favor of Kashmir in any international forum amid the current process? Kashmir Crisis?

What kind of ambassador is this who speaks of democracy in Kashmir but suppresses the same in his country, who speaks of media freedom in Kashmir but is strangling the freedom of the press in his country and who speaks of political prisoners in Kashmir, but leaves to his opponents behind bars? in his country?

The PPP president said that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is "the true Kashmir ambassador who had promised to fight for them for a thousand years."

“On the contrary, our selected prime minister is reluctant to fight a war. If you are ready to reach an agreement on Kashmir, that does not mean that we have also agreed to a withdrawal. I want to assure the cashmere that we will fight for their case and that the whole world knows that any agreement on Kashmir is unacceptable. ”

He said that PPP defended the right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir. "Humaara naara sab se bhaari – raaye shumaari, raaye shumaari (our motto has more weight: referundum, referundum), "he shouted.

& # 39; Parliament blocked & # 39;

He said that the PPP not only gave the unanimous constitution of 1973, but also transferred powers to the provinces through amendment 18.

The "rig-mounted prime minister" was entrusted with the revocation of amendment 18, he claimed, warning that the PPP would not allow it to happen.

“What kind of democracy is it in Pakistan that neither the people, nor democracy, nor journalism are free? What kind of democracy is this where the parliament is closed and the presidency has become an ordinance factory?

He said the prime minister "does not attend parliament sessions and instead has released his ministers to throw abuse."

"We knew that this puppet prime minister is incompetent, but we had no idea that he is so incompetent that he cannot do even the only thing assigned to him," he said, referring to the issue of the extension of the army chief.

“This issue will now be addressed by parliament. It remains to be seen how those who could not adequately issue a single notification and who could not enact a single law in the last year will create a consensus in parliament on this important and important legislation and amendment in the Constitution, which also within six months " , said.

& # 39; Hostage economy of foreign forces & # 39;

He said the PTI government had also failed on other fronts and since its inception almost no sector had escaped deterioration.

“Today, if we don't make decisions to make our economic development possible, if we don't give our people a respectable life, if we don't develop our jobs and businesses, maybe we can never get rid of the IMF [International Monetary Fund]"He said, adding:" Our economy will continue to be hostage to foreign forces that will always exploit our economic weakness for their interests. "

The PPP president said it was imperative to expand the tax base, but not the way in which the PTI government tried to do so "threatening and coercing people" who did not trust the government and did not know where their money would be spent.

“You can't collect taxes from the business community by calling them thieves and thieves. To broaden your tax base, you must create a positive and conducive environment as we have done in Sindh. "

In a clear reference to the army-led business, the PPP chief said that if the PTI government was sincere in its claims to make a unified Pakistan "it will have to rethink how long it will keep those institutions out of the tax network that are They are not supposed to do business, but they are the largest business groups. ”

“Everyone will have to play their part in the progress of this country. There can be no holy cows, ”he added.

While he said that despite being an agricultural country, Pakistan's agricultural sector was in decline, the PPP president wondered if the prosperity of farmers was not on the priority list of the current government.

He claimed that the PTI government was giving relief to the rich and overwhelming the poor.

“They are committing an economic slaughter of all segments of society. What kind of Pakistan is where subsidies to farmers are being withdrawn and where there is no increase in minimum wages and pensions for the elderly?

He said that instead of creating new jobs, the government was depriving people of existing employment opportunities.

"Tax amnesties and rescue packages are for billionaires and for thieves and thugs against whom [the PM] I had been increasing my tone and crying for the past 20 years, but there is no relief for small merchants, students and workers. "

"However, the government blatantly states that the economy is going in the right direction."


Bilawal also claimed that the PTI government was determined to destroy even those projects that were the livelihood of the country, such as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Addressing the prime minister, he said that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had laid the foundations for Pakistan's relationship with China, which was reinforced by Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari.

“This incompetent government tried to make the CPEC controversial. But we will not allow this to happen, no matter what. We know how to protect this project. We will not let the government change direction, "he said.

AJK PM meets Bilawal

Previously, AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider visited the PPP president at a local hotel and expressed his gratitude for expressing solidarity with the cashmere at this critical moment.

This, Haider told him, would send a positive message through the Control Line and other parts of the world.

In response, Bilawal also praised Haider for effectively defending the Kashmir case and representing his true feelings in all international forums.

He announced that the Sindh government will extend assistance for the reconstruction of infrastructure damaged by the earthquake in Mirpur.

The PPP president was accompanied by former Prime Ministers Yousaf Raza Gillani, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Sindh's Prime Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah, among other party leaders.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1519709/ppp-true-ambassador-of-kashmiris-says-bilawal-on-partys-52nd-foundation-day


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