Spike mousse is hidden behind a cold metal gate. The town full of neon lights is debilitating and dingy and is one of the most interesting places I've found in the Pokémon game. The problem is that there is almost nothing except aesthetics. Some filler paths have more work. Pokemon Sword And shield Than spike mousse.

sword And shield Set Spikemuth an important place. Dynamax Pokémon is the only city not available. There is the Yell team, the "villains" of the game. The same is true for Marnie. sword And shieldThree rivals. Visually different sword And shieldOf course, every city you see in Pokemon games. Through the alleyway entrance, you will immediately notice the first time you enter the city through the metal trash bin and crumbling wall.

Pokemon Sword And shield A virtual version of the United Kingdom, a small, lively area with a variety of architectural styles throughout the city and town. No city is bad. Many of them have plenty of places to explore, which makes the area alive with fan-filled stadiums and a variety of shops. But most of them are not particularly unique. I learned how to expect what a Pokémon city would look like. And these look like Pokémon's cities and towns-visually interesting in a way never seen before, with two exceptions. But unfortunately the attention is superficial. Spikemuth and Ballonlea are one of the most interesting city ideas in the Pokémon game, but they are limited to ideas.

Spikes and its neon sign

Game Monsters, Pokemon Company / Nintendo via Polygon

Spike Mousse has a dark and half lit neon sign. Exercise is effectively limited to one corridor. The first thing to see is Pokemon Center. But it is the only building you can enter. From there, head straight on the main road and kill Yell team members as you approach the outdoor Pokemon gym. In Spike Moose, we moved to a horizontal scroll bitup like the 1980's Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade game Shooting directly with static cameras, avoiding barrels and disappearing behind walls is enough to bring out a completely different genre. Spikemuth continues until you enter the Pokémon gym. Pokémon Gym is a gate basketball court with a stage. As you can see in other gyms, there are no puzzles, and the gym leader Piers is no less than Pokemon Dynamax.

While there are many characters to interact with other cities that are closely related to the previous Pokémon games, there are houses to visit and shops in, but Spikemuth only has a Pokémon Center and a few Team Yell members. I hardly believed it this It was all that Spikemuth provided. I waited at the doorway thinking that I missed the place to open the world. Of course, I did not find them. Spike mousse is a more interesting idea than running.

Ballon Lea Pokemon Center

Game Monsters, Pokemon Company / Nintendo via Polygon

Unfortunately, Spikemuth sword And shieldThe only city you need to define a game. Ballonlea, home to gym leader Opal, is visually stunning. The whole city shines. Bright green, yellow and pink mushrooms stretch along the streets of the city. Fairy Pokemon floats in the air and their sound disturbs the village's lively music. The world reacts to you as you pass by.

Unlike Spikemuth, there are two houses in the center and a stand-alone Pokémon gym with more attractive battles. Thankfully, the player is supplied to Ballonlea from the Glimwood Tangle. sword And shieldThe design is amazing as a maze like a path where a fairy's Pokemon is hiding in tall grass Ballonlea's plot ends there. It's a shame. Because you can not overcome how much you want to live there.

I just hope sword And shield It will let you do more than hurry me up. Full idea of sword And shield The newly introduced Wild Area is a bigger world than any other single environment created by Pokémon. There's so much to do inside the wild, so small towns and villages feel like they're stopping when they have to be their destination.

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