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Debt collectors are threatened by bizarre PayPal issues that aren't made by me. In May Golden Age Empire sent $ 125 (118 pounds) to a PayPal account with a note called “Wrought Iron Four Piece Table Set”.

I have no idea what this is because I don't sell this. I immediately returned the money and assumed it was the end of the money. But it was nothing.

In August, the person behind the Golden Age account complained to PayPal and stated that he did not send the goods. I sent an email to explain that I had already returned the money without selling the item. She did not respond and was wondering if this was a scam, not an innocent error.

PayPal's response is Withdraw this amount from your account. Then, every few days, I called and emailed me and asked me to return my balance to zero. The staff accused me of the problem not returning the money and not refunding the payment. The cardholder has initiated a chargeback It takes several weeks to resolve. The last straw is that I was approached by a company of PayPal appointed debt collectors asking for money. It's ridiculous, but I can't classify it.

DS, By email

I've been through this very unusual event, but it's still unclear whether this is a real mistake or more evil.

What is clear is that PayPal should have solved this problem without any intervention. It also raises questions about how you can make a chargeback without providing proof that the other party ordered some items.

After the intervention, PayPal will intervene to ensure that this issue is resolved regardless of the result of the chargeback. Invoke the debt collector, return the balance to zero, say sorry and pay 150 pounds.

In this case, the takeover is as follows. If someone sends you an unwanted amount in your PayPal account, you need to click the refund button instead of sending money with the new payment.

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