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New Microsoft Edge logo revealed after puzzle and surfing mini games

As the software moves away from the Internet Explorer root and moves to the latest version based on Google's open source Chromium engine, there are new icons in the Microsoft Edge browser.

New Microsoft Edge browser icon

Microsoft did not release the new logo. Instead, it was the last treasure of an online Easter egg hunt with some puzzles and clues that originated from the official Microsoft Edge sub Reddit. Steps in this process included rendering the icon as a 3D object and including a secret surfing game.

The last step in the treasure hunt, the surfing game, is accessible via edge: // surf in the Microsoft Edge browser. It's similar to SkiFree, a classic game included in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows, released in 1991. Users interested in the game should navigate using the W, A, S, and D keys. Climb along the way while speeding through the obstacles.

Players who have finished surfing games and online Easter egg hunts and have been waiting for the results of others have found a new Microsoft Edge icon that represents a new era of corporate internet browsers.

Microsoft lost Internet Explorer to Google Chrome in the browser war, and upgrading to Microsoft Edge didn't help. Because of this, I decided to rebuild Microsoft Edge using Google's Chromium engine and promised the first beta version of the project, which was released in August. In the same month, a bug bounty program for Chromium Edge launches, allowing cybersecurity professionals to identify vulnerabilities in their browsers and receive up to $ 30,000 in rewards.

Several new features in the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge can help you challenge Chrome's dominance in the Internet browser space. This includes collections that allow users to quickly gather a list of web pages from the central hub with a single button click, updated sharing features for improved integration with Windows, and improved compatibility of web pages designed for older browsers.

The release date of the final version of the new Microsoft Edge is unknown. However, if the new logo is released, there may be a notice for the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando from November 4 to November 8, 2019.

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