Netflix, Squidward Announces Its Own Spin-Off Show • Hollywood Unlock

Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants, one of the most popular characters in Squidward Tentacles, is getting their spin-off show on Netflix!

According to Teen vogueSquid tentacles will have their own spin off show! The news comes after Nickelodeon signed a multi-year contract with Netflix for $ 200 million. The deal included the beloved characters from popular Nick shows and cartoons to have a series of movies or spin-off shows on their streaming service. Squidward's spin-off show is known to be "music-based" because the character spends his free time playing the clarinet in his house.

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However, because the show is currently in its early stages of development, the details of the show will be kept secret.

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Fans of the show replied that Squidward was hoping for a backlash against social media because Squidward is a character relevant to most adults.

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