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LAHORE: Former Prime Minister and Supreme Leader of the Muslim League of Pakistan (PML-N), Nawaz Sharif, acceded to the advice of doctors and the persuasion of the family to go abroad for the treatment of their diseases.

“Nawaz Sharif finally agreed to go to London after doctors told him categorically that they had already exhausted all medical treatment. [options] available in Pakistan and traveling abroad is the only option left, "said a source from the Sharif family Dawn Thursday.

Subsequently, he said, the PML-N had shared with the PTI government doctors' recommendations regarding Sharif's trip abroad. "In light of the doctors' reports, the government is likely to remove Sharif's name from the Exit Control List (ECL) in a day or two, which will allow him to leave the country," he added.

The source also said Sharif could go to London this week if his name was removed from the ECL. "Although Mr. Sharif was not ready to go abroad after the recommendations of the medical board of the Hospital of Services and the doctors of the Medical City of Sharif and the" request "of his family members, he finally agreed ", said.

The source said that Maryam Nawaz would not go with her father as she had handed over her passport to the Lahore High Court as a guarantee against the bond granted to her in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case. "Right now, Nawaz Sharif's health is more important, as he is fighting for his life. Maryam Nawaz can explore the option of going to London to take care of his father later," he added.

A family source says doctors' reports have been shared with the government, which may soon eliminate the name of the former ECL prime minister; Maryam will not accompany her father

Currently, Sharif's platelet count has been reduced to 24,000. According to doctors, 50,000 platelets and more are required for a patient to be declared fit for [air] travel. When asked that Mr. Sharif's platelet count should be 50,000 or more to travel abroad, the source said doctors could give him a high dose to increase his platelets, allowing him to embark on the trip.

Retired Interior Minister Brigadier General Ijaz Shah has already hinted to allow Sharif to go abroad. "If going abroad for treatment is the only option for Nawaz Sharif, then the government will find a way," he said.

Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, president of the Pakistan-Quaid Muslim League, a government ally, has also asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to allow Sharif to leave the country for treatment.

Meanwhile, PML-N information secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb said that an emergency meeting of the board of doctors treating Nawaz Sharif was held after his platelets fell back to a dangerous level.

In a statement, he said doctors had stated that Mr. Sharif's condition was "extremely critical," adding that despite all possible treatments in Pakistan, his condition was not improving.

The former prime minister was transferred to an intensive care unit (ICU) established at his Jati Umra residence of the Services Hospital on Wednesday. The PML-N said that the specialized ICU was installed in the residence with "doctors' recommendations" and that Sharif Medical City doctors would be available 24 hours a day.

Maryam Nawaz, who had been granted special permission by the government of Punjab to remain in the Services Hospital to care for her father, also went to Jati Umra in Raiwind after being released on bail in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case on Wednesday.

A senior PML-N leader told Dawn that Nawaz would only focus on his father's health and not engage in any kind of political activity. "Maryam Nawaz has no intention of participating in any political activity at this time, since her total concentration is in caring for her father."

The medical board headed by Dr. Mahmood Ayaz, principal director of the Institute of Medical Sciences of Services, has already recommended the treatment of Sharif abroad as a result of his health complications. "We have recommended genetic testing, followed by cardiac treatment under one roof, which requires further diagnosis to provide additional treatment to Nawaz Sharif. The medical panel made the unanimous decision that, since the entire genetic testing center is not available in Pakistan, the patient requires treatment abroad, ”Dr. Ayaz had told Dawn.

He also said: "Doctors have provided the best treatment to the patient. [Mr Sharif] here. The patient is stable compared to the initial days when he was transferred to the hospital. However, their platelets are not stable and doctors recommended their treatment abroad. "

During the course of treatment at the Hospital of Services, the former prime minister had suffered an angina attack, in addition to complaints of bleeding gums and other parts, due to his fluctuating platelets.

The Islamabad High Court had granted Sharif bail last week for eight weeks, suspending his seven-year sentence on the Al-Azizia Steel Mills corruption reference for medical reasons. Previously, he had also obtained a bond in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case of the Lahore High Court for the same reason.

Published on Dawn, November 8, 2019



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