More than 250 Sikh or Punjabi baby girl names with meaning

Sikh Baby Girl Name List

When choosing the name of a daughter rooted in Sikhism, it is important to choose a name that will appeal to the girl as he grows up. Picking up things that aren't too complicated for you, even small people can easily say their name. It is best to refrain from names too entangled in myths, as your girl may not like to grow up.

Unique sikh baby names for girls


Meaning: The moment you are here, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: The beginning of everything, including time of origin: Hindi


Meaning: A daughter who is obedient and a courteous woman, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A girl's unique name that represents the power of hope, Origin: Hindi

Akal yeet

Meaning: eternal eternal victory. It also means divine victory, origins: Hindi


Meaning: A slender and pretty girl, Origin: Hindi

Bar More

Meaning: Very strong and powerful young woman, Country of origin: Hindi


Meaning: Lightning Flash, Place of Origin: Hindi

Bir Ba

Meaning: A man who is as soft and phenomenal as the leaves, Origin: Hindi

Shattering preet

Meaning: God's love, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Our Lady, Origin: Hindi

Bishan preet

Meaning: Beloved of God, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Warrior Princess born during battle, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A man in love with the moon, Country of origin: Hindi

Charan arm

Meaning: A girl who lives and is protected near the feet of God, Origin: Hindi

Charan preet

Meaning: Cultivation under the feet of the Lord, Origin: Hindi

Chayan preet

Meaning: A girl fascinated by the presence of the moon, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A woman fully absorbed in the perception of the world, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Someone you love to hold up like a scarf, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Feelings from the heart that have become habitual to love, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Lion; They are a rich tradition. Origin: Hindi

Divy Yacht

Meaning: The one who brought heavenly light, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: United Man, Origin: Hindi

Garan preet

Meaning: A woman with love as wide and expansive as the sky, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Anyone who makes a wonderful housewife, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Clever mind and witty girl, Country of origin: Hindi


Meaning: A decent woman's beauty and deity, Country of origin: Hindi

Gurki Lan

Meaning: a ray of light from a specialist; Professional light and brightness, country of origin: hindi


Meaning: Gurleen cooperated with two words: guru and leen. Expert means master or monarch, and lean means absorbed. So Gurleen means a person who is absorbed by a specialist. Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A friend of a specialist; Professional companions; The variant spell is Gurmit, Origin: Hindi.

leen lynn

Meaning: A girl taking a bath in light of heavenly knowledge, Origin: Hindi

Jan Yev

Meaning: A girl with all the sacred knowledge of the sky, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Bring love, friendship and affection from the world Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Woman in Harley, Origin: Hindi

Ha Bane

Meaning: Someone who always loves others, Country of origin: Hindi


Meaning: The name of a wonderful and brave girl, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Brighten like a star in the evening sky, Origin: Hindi

Hey dia

Meaning: Delightful and attractive young woman, Country of origin: Hindi


Meaning: Anyone who keeps the house warm and comfortable, Country of origin: Hindi


Meaning: Free and liberated confident girl, Country of origin: Hindi


Meaning: Very beautiful and pretty girl, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A girl with eternal beauty, Origin: Hindi

Ikam Fuse

Meaning: A girl who worships only the supreme god of all, Origins: Hindi

Ica Murup

Meaning: The girl with the Lord's own face, Origin: Hindi

Yau Na

Meaning: Someone who is gentle like a dove and born of God's grace, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A woman who decorates a quiet and quiet lake, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A leader who brings wealth and leads all goodness, Origin: Hindi

State Marie

Meaning: Anyone who wants to share their knowledge with the world, Origin: Hindi

Junea Key

Meaning: A girl with an honest intention to discover the various truths of the world, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Someone who brings happiness and rejoices, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A girl who can see through complications of the world, Place of origin: Hindi


Meaning: Katiya means perfection, purity, origin: Hindi


Meaning: A girl who will respect and applaud your family, Place of origin: Hindi


Meaning girl: girl who can get ahead in life without difficulty, country of origin: Hindi


Meaning: A girl on the road to success, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A dark and peaceful night, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Anyone who remembers through meditation, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: A woman skilled in meditating on matters, Origin: Hindi

Stalin Jit

Meaning: A girl who has always been successful in life's efforts, Origin: Hindi

Soup Dip

Meaning: Get the peace and light of the world, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: The light that peace gives, Origin: Hindi

Can jy

Meaning: Glowing Flame of Happiness, Origin: Hindi

Can clean

Meaning: A woman God gave the light of eternal happiness, Origin: Hindi

Souk Meander

Meaning: A pivotal place to pray for happiness, Origin: Hindi


Meaning: Captured by God Origin: Hindi

Tay In The Jite

Meaning: A person who has gained greatness, Origin: Hindi

Tehin der

Meaning: A man who loves powerful gods, Origin: Hindi

Traditional Indian Punjabi baby girl names have always relied on old scripture and religious references. It may not work for a girl who will grow into a woman in the 21st century. You will be looking for a unique name for your beloved daughter who can keep pace with modernity while maintaining a balance between her roots.

Modern Punjab Baby Girl Name List

As times change, many parents want to name a baby in words that are modern, but close to their roots. This modern punjabi name for your little girl will do justice to everyone.

Latest sikh girls child names

Parents usually want to name a girl with a name that is fashionable and fashionable today. Use the following name to help you choose the correct name.

Choosing one of the various popular Sikh baby girl names can be a daunting task if you have many options. Talk with your partner and choose a name that is suitable for both you and your baby girl.



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