Maharashtra Politics LIVE Updates: Slap on the Face of Sonia, As NCP Plays Kingmaker in BJP’s Government!

fadnavis-swear-maharastra -cm

Maharashtra's politics changed to something no one could imagine on Saturday morning. The BJP was overthrown overnight and formed a government with the NCP, and Shiv Sena did not even know the news of this alliance. Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari swore the office to CM Fadnavis in the morning. Ajit Pawar became Deputy CM.

Sharad Pawar takes a massive U-turn and plays Kingmaker without Congress!

In Maharashtra, Shiv Sena, Parliament and NCP received no final decision in the name of the Chief Minister. But Shiv Sena senior leader Sanjay Raut said that Uddhav Thackeray is ready to be the chief minister. Earlier, Sharad Fawar had left the tripartite meeting and said there was no duplication as far as the governor was concerned. Uddhav Thackeray should lead the government It was a story until Friday night.

Both sides had a positive debate about the formation of government. We have reached consensus on many issues, but the discussion will continue tomorrow. I will not talk about what Sharad Pawar said he is writing. When we discuss everything, we will talk about them: Prithviraj Chavan, parliamentary leader

PM Modi congratulates Fadnavis for the second semester of Maharashtra CM!

PM Narendra Modi congratulated Devendra Fadnivas on becoming Maharashtra's CM again. Thanks for the tweet.

Devendra Fadnavis Holds First Press Conference After Oath

The Maharashtra people gave clear orders. Shiv Sena, who fought against us, refused the mission and tried to form an alliance elsewhere. Maharashtra needed stable governance. Thanks to Ajit Pawar, who decided to provide a permanent government to Maharashtra: CM Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnivas



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