Lewis Hamilton hails sixth F1 world title

Lewis Hamilton says 2019 is the best and toughest season after winning a sixth world title after finishing second at the US Grand Prix on Sunday.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates at US Grand Prix after winning Sunday F1 title

Lewis Hamilton celebrates at US Grand Prix after winning Sunday F1 title
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Lewis Hamilton set off on a wonderful Sunday drive to win the Formula One Championship.

There was no possibility for him to do so. It is not history at his fingertips.

Hamilton finished his sixth career F1 championship, finishing second in the US Grand Prix, which led him late in his final career until he gave Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas status.

The 34-year-old British driver moved with one of the seven titles won by German Michael Schumacher. Hamilton won the last three championships and stopped the remaining players with two races.

"We still get up!" Hamilton shouted to his team on a car radio after riding a checkered flag.

Once parked, Hamilton stood in the car and grabbed his head with both hands and wrapped the Union Jack flag. A few minutes later, rival Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, where Hamilton recorded four titles in 2014, hugged him with a handshake and hug.

The sixth win beat Hamilton in Argentina's Juan Manuel Fangio, the "bride" of F1 drivers who won five titles in the 1950s.

Hamilton said, "I am honored to be with these great beings of the past."

Hamilton has been the dominant force in the Circuit of the Americas with five victories since its opening in 2012, but has not qualified from third place in fifth place. After qualifying, he tried to realize after saying that he needed a "miracle" to win.

Hamilton avoided the problem at first because he could go uphill with a blocked left turn and make the field a demolition derby. He avoided dangerous traffic and gave Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Ferrari's Leclerc enough space to avoid a collision.

Hamilton turned his head to Bolt 3 in the first lap when he passed Vettel's Ferraris and Charles Leclerc.

As a result, the championship was inevitable and the winner was inevitably due to the eighth final.

Hamilton won't solve it.

In the last lap, he fought against Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg to secure a 2015 title on the same track to win. He was somewhat disappointed when he won the podium at any time in 2017 and 2018 and won the title in Mexico City.

It made the podium Sunday a necessity.

"When my father was 6 or 7 years old taught me not to give up.

Hamilton said, "I thought my family had a motto all day, how could we win this race?"

Bottas was the only driver driving mathematically to find the title, but barely. Bottas had to make Hamilton advance to the worst final of this year in order to extend the championship to the Brazilian Grand Prix in two weeks.

Bottas started on the pole and started off. Hamilton took the lead as Bottas got on the tire and he wouldn't let go without a fight.

Hamilton gave up on the last lap after leaving six laps for the Botas pass attempt.

Bottas said, "The only way to win a title is to keep hope." "I played my part but Lewis was as strong as ever."

Verstafen tried to overtake Hamilton in the last lap, but Haas driver Kevin Magnerson struck the yellow flag, ending the threat and finishing Mercedes 1-2 in the game.

The Circuit of the Americas had a special parking space next to a podium dedicated to championship vehicles.

There was only one car that could be.

Silver Mercedes No. It was 44.

Hamilton said, “I remember seeing this sport as a child. "It's surreal to think that this journey, my life's journey, led me to this point."

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