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Latest round of Houston restaurant closings includes a 40-year-old favorite and a Montrose mainstay


The recent Houston restaurant closing slate includes long local staples, from Montrose's Tex-Mex enthusiast to Sawyer Heights' crowded incubator.

In late October, local celebrity chef Bryan Caswell permanently closed El Real at 1201 Westheimer. He mentioned the financial issue as the primary reason. "El Real didn't really make much money. We worked hard to make a small percentage. We always challenged from the beginning." It focuses on the Midtown establishment Reef and his family. ”“ I'm really sad about this loss not only for restaurants, but for those who have been very loyal and supportive of me and El Real for years, ”Caswell said. Locals are closely watching what goes into the iconic building that houses this place.

DECADES-OLD: West Heymer Houston suddenly closed.

Craftsman-style houses at the intersection of Montrose and Richmond bid for the latest tenant, the French bistro La Villa, 4315 Montrose. In the past, there are various French attractions, including Brasserie Max & Julie and Cafe Azur. Cristina Lagman, the governor, told the culture map that before the end of the year, employees close their doors instead of holidays to help them find new positions.

The ex-beaver space 2310 Decatur's restaurant incubator Decatur Bar & Popup Factory celebrated Halloween, the last day. Before the shutters opened, the restaurant provided a temporary space for new chefs to show off their talents. Closing the door is bitter. Sixth Ward will lose a hot spot of original cooking and thriving talent, but some young chefs who liked it are moving to their projects. Chef Evelyn Garcia launches Kin, while Victoria Elizondo debuts Cochinita & Co. at the Rice Village food hall Politan Row.

Running a welcoming restaurant for 40 years, Houston suddenly closed in October at West Hemer in 5888. A spokesman for the Hill Stone-owned group said:

“We were unable to comply with standards at Westheimer in Houston because of circumstances beyond reasonable control. After closing, we will focus on 4848 Kirby Dr. of Houston and continue to provide our customers with the high level of quality and service we expect. ”

Another Houston area of ​​this brand, 4848 Kirby, remains open.

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