Keurig's Drinkworks Home Bar Expands In New York With Black Friday Deals

After working all day, it's a good idea to try some nice cocktails freshly prepared by your favorite bartender. Many people do it, but getting the same results at home is not an easy task. Keurig's Drinkworks Home Bar raided to save the day. This unique cocktail maker is something you can enjoy at home, very similar to a product made by a bartender.

It is essentially a Keurig machine that professionally makes cocktails instead of making coffee through disposable pods. There are professional bartenders who can buy all the ingredients and then quickly fill their favorite drinks without the hassle of mixing them together. Using one of the exclusive cocktail pods with concentrated liquor and juice, Drinksworks home bar adds the necessary water and carbonated to handle the rest. It's that simple! It was launched to select markets such as Missouri, Florida, California, and Pennsylvania, but Big Apple, along with the whole of New York, will soon be available for purchase.

You can enjoy old-fashioned cocktails, whiskey sour, margaritas, Moscow mules, and dessert drinks like soft white Russian. A better choice is the introduction of the new Fireside Collection, which starts selling on the New York rollout, extending the choice beyond the usual cocktails. This collection includes craft cocktails such as spice punches, winter mules, pomegranate elder flower spritzer, and ginger snap white russian. So far it seems there are some great varieties that satisfy almost all cocktail connoisseurs.

New Yorkers will be able to experience Keurig's Drinkworks Home Bar ahead of the year-end and New Year holidays, with sales priced at a promotional price of $ 299 from Tuesday, November 5th. This is a saving of $ 100 from $ 399 in MSRP. . The price of Black Friday promotion is better. If you wait until then and live in a state where you can buy it, it will drop at a much more attractive $ 199 price between November 25 and December 2. It's half the cost of MSRP, so if you are looking for an early adopter, it's easy to impulse. After that, the Drinkworks home bar will stay at $ 299 for the rest of the holiday from December 3rd to 31st.

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