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The good news is that joker Pan. Acclaimed by critics, the film recently surpassed $ 1 billion in the box office, and now the sequel is out.

Not only was the superhero movie quite poor, it's hard to imagine when the whole genre was interested in niche markets. Moving to 2019, the highest-grossing movies are comic books. The Avengers: End Game Fell down Avatar Took first place earlier this year

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We are in a place where superhero movies no longer feel like made with the same cookie cutter. In fact, it is far from that. There may be something for everyone in the superhero genre these days, so many people can break down the billion-dollar barrier in the box office. The latest film that achieved that goal was an R rating. joker.

Through bloody disgust

The good news is that jokerCreators and, more importantly, fans. According to the initial report THRThe sequel to the dark film, which depicts the fall of madness by Arthur Fleck, is already in the work. The project has always been made as a standalone film, but there were reports of follow up after Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips discussed the possibilities for the set.

If you ask for $ 1 billion later, Warner Bros. won't make at least one more than the Joker himself. joker movie. According to the report, Phoenix and Philips will again be part of the film, and Scott Silver, who wrote the first scenario, will also return to the next film. Equally interesting is the additional report that Phillips will make another DC Origin story film.

The second origin story assumes that it will be about another DC villain. Perhaps superman baddie Lex Luthor. You will see a mix of different Batman villains. Penguins, riddles, vanes, and Philips have a lot of options to know for sure what villain story you have already chosen next. For now, I will fancy what could be for the Joker of Phoenix.

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