Ishq Zahe Naseeb 21 Episode Story Review – Perfect Performance

Opening idea – great:

Wow, a great and exciting episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. The pace of this drama has remained perfect so far with the drama of the last stage, so every episode offers and deals with so many characters and tracks. Like the previous episode, this episode was perfect and attractive. Farooq Rind should also be very proud of himself and Hashim Nadeem. Ishq Zahe Naseeb is a kind of drama that has not previously been shown to the audience, its popularity is not only worth it, but also gives the message to all other drama producers that the audience is ready to see it. Like these. Ishq Zahe Naseeb keeps you engaged and keeps guessing. Once again, this episode ends a hint for some ‘Raaz’ & No, I'm not thinking about it. … But yes, I think.

Sameer mental state:

The highlight of this episode was clearly the participation of Gauhar & Sameer. This promise is difficult for Gauhar. Although it was shown right from the start, I gained insight into all the emotions Sameer is having, all of which was perfectly depicted by Zahid Ahmed. Each and every emotion, every single thought that runs through Sameer's mind, was clear. As much as Sameer wants to devote to Gauhar for the rest of his life, this transition is very difficult emotionally and mentally. All this stayed in Sameer & Sameera while Sameer stayed in his comfort zone. No one could question his or another personality presence, but now he is discovering it as long as he is ready for the next stage of his life. It is difficult for him to accept that things will change. As Sameer is pleased, he is equally angry and sad because he knows that Gauhar will replace Sameera. This was his choice, but again, given how he stayed in the bubble for years. Absolutely natural to feel a bit threatening to him. The way Sameer saw the engagement ring showed that Gauhar had everything through her heart, but Sameer showed that he had much more to hide, to prepare for change mentally, and to try to achieve himself. Sameer wants Gauhar's verification. He has always shown that, with the favor of Sameer, he eagerly wants to feel emotionally validated when things finally form.

Sabeeha needs to think more about what he has done in the past. The more Sameer ignores her, the more guilty she feels. Sabeeha has been plagued with Sameer's guilt to the extent that he literally has full control over him, but now only one sentence of Sameer feels guilty. Sabeeha is definitely not the one to give up, but she looked discouraged and helpless. You may have realized that the ship has sailed.

Finally, Akbar & Gauhar's conversation put things into perspective. Akbar is the biological brother of Sameer's mother, Surraiya Begum, who made him the Sameer's uncle, but Akbar kept this secret because Ehsan did not want Surraiya to be associated with a poor family. Well, the conversation immediately reminded me of what Sameer told Saleem. Sameer wants to be with Gauhar but catches up with his father who knows the difference between himself and her ranks? Sameer doesn't seem to be able to help it, but apparently follows his father, but it's a good thing he once prevented Gauhar from feeling that way. I think Sameer told Saleem to draw the line right from the start because he can see completely what the line is.

Casif connected the dots, knowing that the gifts given by Donia were captured by Gauhar for obvious reasons. Gauhar informed Casif that she moved and now handed Casiff to Donia. This was what Casif wanted to accept as soon as he had spared pain. This is what I like most about Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Without saying a word, the whole picture is drawn with such beauty. Casif knew that this was a way of letting go that Gauhar was very happy to be with someone else. Sameer got the same necklace as Gauhar. I think it's a coincidence that can be skipped. Shallot, OK!

My favorite scenes in this episode are scenes that dealt with Sameera's mental state with Sameera – where he is angry, sad, helpless, assertive, and unable to cope with change. It was the artist's intelligence that really showed the emotional storms that Sameer faced because he relied on his own thoughts to find the same, the comfort, and the comfort. He was now preparing to actually put it, so he showed his mental state. It was beautiful in a way that made them more involved with Sameer's character and at the same time felt him. Simply beautiful. The scene didn't look confused for the second time, it just saddened that Sameer had to readjust it. This is what he will learn with Gauhar-another misfortune if she accepts this part & the question behind Sameer's mind!

Thought ending – perfect in every sense:

This was one of the perfect and beautiful episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Sauer feels sad because it takes a lot of time to bring Gauhar into his life. Now, before experiencing the happiness of this companion, self-defense squirrel got a picture of Gauhar, which will destroy it. Casif. It was certainly nice to have Gauhar say what's in her mind and she was light, but Kashif would definitely not accept it the way Gauhar wanted. Gauhar tried to close the door, but Kashif would once again see it as an opportunity to bring back the old events that played a big role in drifting the situation. I think Sameer can go a bit wrong at this point (I don't hope so). Since he is hiding a big secret and expects Gauhar to fully understand him, he will find that Gauhar has something to do with Casif that he cannot have it when he reads it. Sameer keeps asking whether Gauhar is happy. Sonya Hussyn looked absolutely gorgeous in the engagement scene. Gauhar learned to smile through hardships. So she smiled the moment she thought her heart would burst after her engagement with Sameer and finally realized she was a reality to do. Agree. Yumna Zaidi has a short scene, but she very much influenced every gaze and gaze. There is so much emotion and sadness in her eyes. This really reflects how Sameer perceives Shakira because she knows she died of a sad and tragic death. This expression of emotion is so powerful, convincing, absolutely beautiful. Zahid Ahmed as Sameera was not noticeable in this episode. I also really liked Sami Khan on the scene when Cassif learned that Gohar didn't make it to court that day. He felt a great burden on his shoulders while he was responsible for betraying Gauhar, but they made the same altruistic decision for their family. Direction, storytelling, dialogue, vibes, and every scene feel – they appear on the scene. Please send us your comments about Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode.

Continued support,
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