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Is goad the end of a TV show vulnerable to laughter? | Barbara Ellen | Opinion

Taylor Swift

Can you be cautiously optimistic that the non-gold TV era of bear bearers in the name of entertainment has finally passed?

Digital, cultural, media and sports committees Jeremy Kyle Shaw As part of his inquiry about reality TV, he denounces the program's "bullying methodology" and "full renunciation of administrative duties." The committee died on suicide by Steve Dymond (appeared on the Kyle show and killed himself after a polygraph test). Love island Participant. But the television network has long pleaded guilty to putting "good television" ahead of the welfare of the participants, but this is also about us, viewers, and inhuman culture.

This went far beyond Jeremy Kyle Shaw. Despite the decline in the number of working class actors over the years, due to lack of funds and opportunities, there were very few real working class cultures that could not be plundered on television. Benefit distance Check for ridiculed prejudice. Kyle's type of show dubbed "guest", but other reality genres have begun converting people into "cast members."

This culture of treating humans as free or cheap small screen livestock love island (See it!), Because it should have been good – yay! – The sun and bikini were involved and the participants eventually made money.

Other reality shows were rougher with pornography but were still considered suitable for commission, film, broadcast and viewing. All of this reveals a fundamental break in the core of collective morality. On the one hand, the recent shame of her using nude images of Congressman Katie Hill was universally condemned. But in the UK, watching movies for young people fighting, vomiting and mating, breaking down scenes that could plague young people has become a daily routine.

If you look closely at satellite TV channels in particular, there is still no shortage of such shows. But things change and it seems better. During Love island It used to be an important part of the problem, but now it has evolved closer to the solution. In accordance with the new guidelines, the most recent series has been greatly improved, and abuse content has been significantly reduced.

There is still a cynical attraction to those who still benefit from others (the budget for non-poor poverty porn is low), but at least there seems to be a real attempt to enlighten people without constantly waking them up. Besides Jeremy Kyle Shaw The ITV made it clear that after Dymond's death, a similar program would not be commissioned. Am I imagining it or is it a bit fairer and kinder to treat people, especially the working class people, on television? It's just a tragedy where people had to die before we arrived.

Did women come to & # 39; should disappear?

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: Champion of Body Neutral.

Photo: Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Your body hurts objectively – how about getting rid of it? Clearly, the transition from “body training” (celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes) to “body neutral” completely ignores the body, makes it an intellectual and emotional non-issue, and hopes others do the same. .

From the recent Taylor Swift to Jameela Jamil, the neutrality of the body, popularized by everyone, means that you do not have to worry about criticism or sexuality. There is.

At least, it sounds when Liz's Michelin chef was accused of waiting staff volunteers asking him to send a photo with a resume.

But is there a feminist end sensitivity to this? Was a generation of women traumatized by unwanted attention actually attracted to the illusion of a physical being without a body? Could this size be too closely related to a food disorder yesterday that the size is not zero or that people who suffer often say "want to disappear"?

Body neutrality looks interesting in terms of freedom of judgment, but why should women go to extremes that extinguish their bodies in order to be free and take it seriously?

Hugh Grant had the right to stop Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid, Hugh Grant's Call

Sagi de Zabid and Hugh Grant Photo: PA

Why was Hugh Grant selected as an elite when he acted like Sajid Javid? Minister of Parliament talked about how Grant refused to shake hands Irish Inn Movie premiere: "[Grant] 'When I was a cultural assistant, I didn't support my friends. [anti-media intrusion campaign] Hacked off & # 39 ;. ”Javid added:“ I think it's very rude. I wonder if people like Hugh Grant think they are part of the elite and look down to the working class no matter what station they reach. ”
Hmm. I always have a bit of a class war and I'm increasingly concerned about the loss of freedom of speech, but Javid's explanation is at least unclear. Grant is not referring to celebrity friends, but to ordinary people who have abused personal tragedy and met Javid, and have been treated only in a "boundary" way.

Grant Snubing was inspired by Javid's previous elitist behavior. Moreover, what was the elitist worried about? Have you ever refused to receive hospital treatment in the UK, following the death of Shamima Bergum's baby at Syrian refugee camp, working as a secretary at home? More recently, as Prime Minister, he rejected a thorough assessment of the economic risk of Boris Johnson's Brexit dealing, claiming to be "obvious to domestic economic interests."
Javid complains about the celebrity's refusal to shake hands at the film premiere. Perhaps Javidhe should prioritize. In addition, Javid cried out at the “reverse of life”, which implied that Grant had understood the refusal of Dustman's handshake. Again, who is the elite?

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