In detailing R. Kelly's physical abuse, Joycelyn Savage takes b from Yung Miami. • Hollywood unlock

Joycelyn Savage takes Ja from Yung Miami, detailing R. Kelly's physical abuse.

As expected Zoe Clean Sabahe released another post about her life with R. Kelly. In her second entry "Do you love me or do you want to hurt me?Barbarians admit Kelly Physically abused her during their relationship.

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Savage said he started downhill with Kelly in 2016. All the special things he did for her suddenly stopped. She once asked her to get food and called her "baby" instead of the names "master" and "dad."

“He suffocated me until I left. I bruised around the neck and listened to him to wear a turtle neck or scarf every time he took me openly. I was afraid to talk to someone about this because of what he could do next. His assistants did not look after them, especially other girls, who tried to make money, ”she continued. I had to wait in my room [Rob] Me or his assistant was ready to come in [and] Catch me. I had to leave my room for a few days. I didn't want to be Roberts' cum rag or punch bag. This relationship made the relationship worse that couldn't be worse, and all the talk of my career was soon over. ”

At the end of the second journal, Savage pointed out to his readers that grammar is not the best and he plans to return to school. But she called the City Girls rapper. Young Miami Proceeding:

Savage said:

Side note – I know that the syntax is not good. If I have an accident in the right direction, I plan to go back to school. Over the years I have learned to not mind what people are saying about me. If you don't support my story, why are you here? Stay away from denial. I went through so much and witnessed no one. This celebrity who entertains my grammar for instant Caresha — Careesha don't talk about my grammar when you haven't been hit hard since you played it. Everything is not always a joke! ”

Nevertheless, Savage's comments don't seem to bother Yung Miami recently, as he liked the new post on Instagram.

While waiting for the third entry, please upload a video via Yappa to let us know your thoughts on the latest post.

See what life was like before Joycelyn Savage decided to speak.

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