IHC seeks reply from Ghulam Sarwar on statement linking Nawaz’s release on bail to ‘a deal’

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) issued a notice on Monday to the Federal Minister of Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, in a petition seeking contempt of court proceedings against the federal minister for linking Nawaz Sharif's release on bail with a & # 39; agreement & # 39 ;.

A bank of a single judge of the superior court headed by the president of the Supreme Court of IHC, Athar Minallah, asked the minister to send a response before Thursday.

On Saturday, a lawyer Khalid Mehmood Khan filed a petition against Khan. Referring to a talk show broadcast on a private television channel, he said the minister openly linked Nawaz's release with an agreement between the government and the former prime minister.

During today's process, the petitioner's lawyer, lawyer Jahangir Jadoon, said that Khan had made a statement about the alleged agreement and claimed that a false medical report could be issued.

"The medical board was formed by the government, how can you say that?" Judge Minallah asked, adding that politics was one thing, but such statements were causing people to lose confidence in the system.

The same bank decided to crush the petition against Khan with contempt proceedings against the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Information, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan.

During the process, Dr. Awan said her case was unrelated to that of the federal aviation minister. Judge Minallah responded that she had held a press conference as a government and Khan had also made a statement, so the two will be heard together.

Awan, who was in court during the process, said Khan had said nothing about the medical board, to which the petitioner's lawyer replied that he described Nawaz's bond as the "result of an agreement."

"I can read the transcript of your statement," added the prime minister's special assistant.

Judge Minallah asked how a federal minister could say something like that, in response to which Awan said that reality was not what was presented in court.

"How can government ministers say those things?" Judge Minallah asked.

Awan said she would take the matter to the notice of Prime Minister Imran Khan and added that this could have been the federal minister for personal aviation opinion, it was not government policy.

"This means that the government is not trusting its own medical board. This means that you are cheating the government. There will be consequences if the government is not trusting the institutions," said the president of the IHC court of law.

Awan reiterated that Khan had said nothing about the medical board.

"You are the appointed spokesperson for the prime minister. If you don't take action against Ghulam Sarwar Khan, that means the statement was made as a result of your decision.

"When it affects pending cases, other cases will also be affected," said Judge Minallah.

The hearing was postponed until Thursday.

Earlier today, Awan submitted his written response in the case to the court after he was ordered Tuesday.

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1516068/ihc-seeks-reply-from-ghulam-sarwar-on-statement-linking-nawazs-release-on-bail-to-a-deal


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