High time to follow Iqbal’s teachings to address social ills, national challenges: President

Islamabad: Dr. Arif Alvi said that in the prevailing challenge, the time has come to return to Alama Muhammad Iqbal's message and find solutions to solutions that erode society and hinder progress and prosperity.

“In the face of various challenges, we come back to His message and put our differences aside, uniting and collectively working to find solutions to diseases that corrode our society and hinder our march toward disease and progress. We promise to make a deliberate effort. The President delivered a message to the country on Saturday the day before the birth anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

President Alby sent abundant tribute to the great thinker, philosopher, and poet Alama Muhammad Iqbal, but said he recalled and swore to follow the message of awareness and self-esteem.

He saw that subcontinental Muslims would always owe great visionary leaders for valuable services.

The president said that Alam Iqbal has provided a solid ideological basis for inspiring Muslims in the subcontinent, changing their thinking processes and trying to regain their lost identity.

The great leader also conceived the idea of ​​a separate home for Muslims in the subcontinent and added that it greatly contributed to understanding the true message of Islam.

He is undoubtedly Allama Iqbal is one of a handful of people who are equally appreciated in the East and West, and his work has been studied and evaluated by scholars around the world.

“The need to remember Allama Iqbal's message is not as great as it is today. Let's pledge to make greater efforts to fulfill our fathers' dreams on this day. Let's move on to Allama Iqbal's teachings for the greater benefit of our society and our beloved homeland, ”he said.

Source Link : https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2019/11/09/high-time-to-follow-iqbals-teachings-to-address-social-ills-national-challenges-president/


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