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Glenn Greenwald slap highlights the depth of division in Brazilian politics

Intercept reporter was assaulted by right-wing commentator Augusto Nunes in a live streaming discussion about a Brazilian radio station.

A reporter and critic of Brazil's right-most president Jose Bolsonaro was beaten by a right-wing columnist during a radio debate.

The incident was broadcast live, arguing violently at the Jovem Pan radio station in Brazil.

Right-wing columnist Augusto Nunes has long had a close relationship with Green Wald, often digging into his family and partners.

"Who will take care of me?" Nunes has regularly appeared in Western outlets, addressing American journalists, criticizing established politics and defending civil liberties.

Greenwald called Nunes “a coward” about his actions, and the latter responded by beating his face. After a short commotion, Greenwald was released by the station staff before punching in Nunes.

Green Wald, who tweeted in Portuguese after the shuffle, blamed supporters for Nunes and the ball sonar who supported him.

Greenwald said, “In political debate, violence is a fascist mindset and very dangerous for democracy.

The Intercept reporter wrote that Brazil's congressman and Carlos Vol-Sona, the son of the president “solidarized” his words with Nunes.

Green World and his partner, David Miranda, live a large isolated life with their children at home in Rio de Janeiro due to Brazil's right-most threat. He released a series of leaked text showing the political prejudice of Judge Sergio Moro in the case that resulted in the trial and imprisonment of former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, Painted a circular hostility.

Since initiating the presidency in January 2019, Americans have become thorns in Vol Sonarro, even demanding intense relief before the Parliamentary Committee.

During his testimony, a member of Parliament, Katya Sastre, who was an ally of Vol Sonar, shouted.

Source: TRT World

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