Firdous questions lack of updates on Nawaz’s health – Pakistan

The government's main spokesman, Firdous Ashiq Awan, questioned the silence about the health of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif since his departure to London.

"They (Nawaz Sharif's representatives) kept saying Mian Sahib & # 39; s life is in great danger and the media used to count every breath I took. [Now that] It's been gone for so long, we don't have updates from your representatives at all.

"The people of Pakistan, who were monitoring their health so closely, want to receive more news from him. The same goes for the media," Awan said as he addressed a press conference in Sialkot.

Nawaz had left for London on Tuesday, 20 days after the Islamabad High Court granted him bail in Al Azizia's case for medical reasons.

Awan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Information and Broadcasting, while stating that "the truth can never be hidden," also reminded people of the former prime minister's words for his "beloved" country.

"The former prime minister had been seen with rolled sleeves going to all the villages in the country and declaring & # 39; I will not only respect the vote while living here in Pakistan, but I will also dedicate all my life and death to this country & # 39 ; "

He also asked why doctors abroad had not issued any kind of notice about their treatment.

"The doctors had said that his illness could only be treated abroad. But now, since he left, we have not seen a final recommendation from foreign doctors."

"We know very well the true nature of his illness and its associated agenda (that of the Sharif family)," the spokesman said.

Awan also criticized the "role" played by Nawaz's brother, Shehbaz Sharif, in the course of the first illness and said it was the first time that a person, named in multiple cases of corruption, assumed the role of guarantor.

In order to obtain permission for Nawaz to leave the country for medical treatment, Shehbaz had signed a commitment, approved by the Lahore High Court, which stated that the president of PML-N "would guarantee the return" of his brother " in four weeks or more. medical certification that he has regained his health and is in a position to return to Pakistan. "

Awan's statements come a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed doubts about the nature of the PML-N supreme leader's health situation, and said he was surprised to see how the former Prime Minister raised the Air ambulance stairs.

"After seeing him go up the stairs of the plane, once again I checked the medical reports that suggested he had a heart problem, that his kidneys were not working properly and that he was diabetic," the prime minister said at a meeting in his hometown. on Friday.

The prime minister said Sharif's medical reports listed 15 diseases, including heart complications, suggesting that the former prime minister was on the verge of disappearance.

"But after seeing Nawaz board the air ambulance, I wondered if the former prime minister regained his health at first sight of the plane bound for London," he said.

The government & # 39; will empower & # 39; to the women's workforce

Awan, who was visiting a government university in Sialkot, regretted that students continue to graduate and "nobody sees if the market matches the education obtained."

"The prime minister set out to establish a group of experts and a working group under the employment office and the employment portal. The & # 39; Kamyab Naujawan Program & # 39; is an important pillar of this initiative," he said.

The special assistant said that the government wants to restructure small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and, through the artisanal industries, aims to combine training and education.

"Only education without training or experience is of no use. So, you are simply creating an army of the unemployed. An army that will be unable to meet (in economic objectives), which has no exposure, capacity and facilities of a modern era.

"Therefore, we want to equip our unused female workforce to face the challenges of our economic situation."

She said that university universities are usually operational during the day and that "these buildings are useless for the afternoon."

"We want to launch a pilot project with the Punjab government to increase capacity development with night classes at some graduate universities so that girls, as soon as they have their degrees, can acquire employment in our industries, factories and offices.

"At Sialkot, we will set a role model and then we will replicate this success story in Punjab and the rest of Pakistan," said Awan.

The special assistant said that the main objective of the government is to combat the challenges of inflation and unemployment.

"We will reduce the effects of inflation through job creation and wealth creation. And along with that, we will implement the prime minister's vision of industrialization and other inflation-related measures, including price control mechanisms."

She said there is a large deficit in the prices of products sold by farmers and market vendors.

"To reduce the gap, we will launch an offensive against hoarders, stockists and illegal speculators. For this, we will use local government systems."

She said the government realizes that the population of the rural area should receive services on par with urban areas.

We have come here to a university in the rural area to make sure the facilities improve. I will extend to girls here the best possible help from the government to equip them to live as empowered citizens. "


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