Final post-mortem report says Larkana student Nimrita was sexually assaulted, murdered: police – Pakistan

A final post-mortem test report by Nimrita Amarta Maher Chandani, a BDS senior at Bibi Aseefa Dental College (BADC) who was found dead in her hostel room in Larkana in September, says she was sexually assaulted before her death and died due to suffocation.

Police surgeon Dr. Qarar Ahmed Abbasi said Dawn that according to the final post mortem report, Larkana's student was "killed by strangulation after a rape."

"The post-mortem opinion is clear but it depends on [a] proper police investigation, "he said.

The police surgeon, Dr. Abbasi, citing an observation in the report, said it should be determined through circumstantial evidence whether Nimrita was strangled or hanged.

He said the post mortem report pointed out that the wound marks on the victim's neck were "narrower," which, according to him, clearly showed that the injury was not caused by a dupatta; instead, it was caused by a "thing or material similar to a rope."

"The final post mortem report did not establish [the] initial suicide theory, "said Dr. Abbasi.

According to a copy of the report, dated November 6, obtained by DawnNewsTV, Women's Medical Officer at Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMC), Larkana, Dr. Amrita, said the marks on the victim's neck show that his death was caused by "producing asphyxial signs," which are caused by strangulation or by hanging.

The report stated: "The constriction of the neck from the outside by the ligation material (narrower as the self-explanation of the ligation mark present in the neck to compare it with the ligation recovered with recommended ligation mark configuration) has caused death of deceased by the production of suffocating signs. "

"These signs are produced by strangulation or by hanging, to be checked in circumstances
evidence as (corroborative), that is, that it is at the crime scene / others by state investigating authorities, "he said.

Dr. Armita added: "That interim DNA report from the forensic and molecular biology laboratory LUMHS Jamshoro detected the male DNA profile obtained from semen stains / sperm fractions of HVS and the clothing indicates a sexual act with a deceased." .

Dr. Abbasi added that the male DNA had confirmed that it was violated. He said a board of senior forensic experts from all over Sindh can be set up to rectify some of the flaws in the post-mortem investigation and the crime scene.

The death of Nimrita

On September 16, Nimrita was found dead in her hostel room in mysterious circumstances. The police presumed that he had committed suicide. However, his family members, as well as the leaders of the Hindu community, insisted that she was killed and demanded that a joint investigation team (JIT) be formed to investigate her death.

Nimrita's brother, Dr. Vishal, a medical consultant at Dow Medical College in Karachi, had told the media that the marks around his neck suggested he had not committed suicide. In addition, she had claimed that the marks on her neck resembled those made with wire wires, while the wounds on her arms suggested that someone held her.

On September 17, Larkana police arrested two students of the dental school attended by Nimrita. According to police sources, the two students are the girl's classmates.

A day later, the Sindh government requested the Larkana session court to conduct a judicial investigation into the death. Section Officer Aijaz Ali Bhatti wrote a letter to the district and session judge, requesting a judicial investigation into the matter. The letter also ordered the deputy commissioner of Larkana and the SSP to "extend all possible cooperation in the [conducting] of judicial investigation. "

On September 22, the judge seemed reluctant to conduct a judicial investigation into the mysterious death. It was learned that an objection by the judge was that the department of origin had made the request directly [the sessions judge] while the SHC registrar should have issued such a directive.

After this, after the Superior Court of Sindh (SHC) granted permission, the Larkana judge was willing to initiate a judicial investigation into Nimrita's death.


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