Elon Musk Debuts Tesla’s Cybertruck…And It’s Really Ugly

Tesla Motors will test the limits of & # 39; acquired taste & # 39; after announcing all the electric cyber truck pickups from Angular Titanium. Tesla's founder Elon Musk said at the Los Angeles car show that the long-awaited electric pickup seemed excited and stunned in front of the fans.

Cyber ​​trucks have now become the fifth model of Silicon Valley startups and are currently the fourth to participate in what appears to be more traditional products, including the Model S sedan, the Model 3 compact and the Model X SUV.

4 Beyond Falcon Doors

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Model X is differentiated by an odd rear door arrangement with hinges on the hood, which the company calls & # 39; Falcon doors.

Cyber ​​trucks are not subtle. With the aesthetics of the 70s dystopian film, the truck fulfills Musk's first promise from a harsh angle. It doesn't look like any other truck.

3 Bulletproof

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Musk's first point about the odd-looking cyber truck is that it used a & # 39; exo-skeleton & # 39; design to break away from the traditional body in the traditional pickup frame structure. This means that the body is made of cold rolled titanium based alloys used in Space-X craft.

Using a sledge hammer to shoot from a 9mm pistol and a panel image, the truck's durability proved to be the result of a mix. Windows billed with transparent metal not only predicted when throwing steel balls in the demo model, but also broke all of the driver's side windows.

2 Three models

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The higher the price of the sticker, the more three models are available, which increase their range and power. The $ 39,900 customer has a 250-mile range truck with a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds, and the range can be extended with a triple motor option of $ 69,900, towing 14,000 pounds with 500 miles on charge.

One And your little ATV, too

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As a way of demonstrating the last announcement and the deployable lamp tailgate of Cybertruck at the end, Musk introduced a much more traditional electric ATV that fits well into the bed of Cybertruck's rechargeable.


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