Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Story Review – Journey

Finally, the episodes covering all Ehd-e-Wafa boys’ journeys aren’t all fun, but they promised to reunite, but at least they’d better see three again in the same frame. The PMA scene was covered in detail and Director Saife Hasan was excellent at capturing cadet drilling. Strict discipline on the agenda. Shahzain’s encounter with Raani was unchanged and even dada was under pressure. This episode certainly had more to offer than the previous one. Shehryar, a gathering of Dua and Saad, is a topper who plays the band (although sad). The preview of the last scene and the next episode certainly gave me a reason to look forward to the next episode. Oyster cutting drama and ironically interesting additions, but there is another friend of Sad. One thing is for sure, Dua means more to Saad than his friends, and in the background, OST suggested that this is the bond that he considers most important, even though he hasn’t really talked with Dua so far.

Rani and Shazain

This was another episode of Ehd-e-Wafa held with scenes from Raani and Shahzain. When Raza saw Raani, Shahzain’s reaction suggested that she liked her, but told why she could not get married. It was the most fun for Raani to apply that lipstick. Some of the conversations were fun, but others were not witty. Shazain may have seemed nervous for the first time. Suddenly I did not understand why Shahzain felt such a situation. Otherwise he is always in control of the situation. Zara Noor Abbas certainly took the lead in these scenes. The scenes dealing with Raani and her friends were a bit long and not too fun. Shahzain decided to go to Raani and get married, but so far this is the case of unilateral & # 39; love & # 39 ;.

Saad and Oysters

Saad and Gulzar’s scene covered the first real & # 39; test & # 39; with the boys for weeks in PMA. Saad passed by with flying colors, but Gulzar failed badly, but his sense of humor and energetic character suggest that it was not affected by this failure. Saad was seen in this episode as a trained and dedicated cadet. The way their training was handled showed exactly what the boys are going through in the academy. There was a strict rule, and the person who did not follow it was the most severely punished. Saad seemed very focused throughout and there were times when he was too serious. Therefore, it was good to see the other side when he was with Dua. Ahad Raza Mir was very similar to the young Asif Raza Mir in a new look. The actor in the role of Gulzar fully owns his character and is natural. I liked the conversation with & # 39; staff & # 39; and he had a solid performance.

Sad and Dua

It’s not wrong to say that Saad is a completely different person when he’s around Dua. Saad is an introvert, who sometimes opens up only when he wants to. Dua’s interaction with Saad is cute since Dua finally warmed him up. Since these opportunity meeting scenarios are repeating, I wonder if they will exchange numbers soon. The meeting awaited how Saad would react when Shahzain sent the proposal while Dua talked about the proposal. Ahad Raza Mir did a great job of switching from a more focused serious Saad to a playful and candid.

Sharik and Sheriya

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali performed wonderfully tonight. Their outstanding performance is one of the main reasons why I want to see it more often on the screen. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s expression was very valuable and meaningful when sitting in the van! I felt for Shehryar, and deserve a better and brighter future. Shariq, on the other hand, appeared to have worked hard to get somewhere, and eventually found a way, but the preview of the next episode suggested that you have to price big to go this way. Both of these boys are intelligent, proactive and devoted. They have definitely come a long way from the point of view of responsibility, so they are looking forward to making it big in the end.

Final remarks

I’ve covered a lot in this episode of Ehd-e-Wafa tonight and hope the artist will be able to take pictures of all the boys in the future. But I must say that if Shariq and Shehryar were also in the PMA with Saad, they had to wonder how amazing it would be. What will Sheriah give Shazain? Waiting to find you!

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