Download Az Screen Recorder Android app and start working easily

Azu screen recorder

Az Screen Recorder: Do you have an Android phone? Do you want to create a screen recorder with your Android phone? These tips are very important because today we will show you how to do a screen recorder on your Android phone using z screen recorder software.

Download Az Screen Recorder Android app and start working easily

You may have heard this name az screen recorder many times. You can use screen recorder to record your phone screen very nicely.

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az screen is required

Not everyone uses YouTube's own az screen recorder. There are a lot of common Android phone users in our society who don't use YouTube outside of YouTube, but they also use this screen recorder frequently.

Az screen recorder

Screen Recorder makes it easy to live stream on Facebook or YouTube. This screen recorder app allows you to live stream your favorite entertainment to your phone.

App Features:

Magic button:

This button controls the screen recorder to float on the screen. Therefore, the video focuses only on the screen you want to record.

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Front camera overlay:

The screen recorder on your phone allows you to record your face or voice gestures on the camera in a small overlay window. You can place it anywhere on the screen. The screen recorder can easily customize the size of the face captured by the camera.

Countdown timer:

Do I need to prepare something for recording before recording the screen? The countdown timer waits a few minutes for the screen recorder to begin preparing for the screen you want to record.

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Drawing on the screen:

This system is more important when creating tutorial videos. This is because you can mark the video as a symbol.

Trim video:

The screen recording time is long and there may be unnecessary information. You can skip unnecessary sections in the screen recording video you just created.

Screenshot এখন আরো সহজ। প্রয়োজন যতোটুকু স্কিনশট হবে ততোটুকু।

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Live stream:

Screen Recorder makes it easy to view your phone's screen on Facebook or YouTube.

Important This app is updated regularly according to your requirements. Regular updates make this app faster.

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