Diggin Dip in UFC Moscow: Zabit vs. Kattar-main card preview

Even if Zabit Magomedsharipov and Calvin Kattar unfold the UFC Moscow headlines at the main event, the eyes of the MMA world will focus on the joint actors of Alexander Volkov and Greg Hardy. Well, at least the casual eye of the MMA world.

Many viewers hate Hardy and we all know why. They still tend to pay much attention to him. Last month, Inhalergate heard more than Dominick Reyes' impressive win over Chris Weidman. Many forget that Hardy wants to leave, and hate is still paying attention. Nevertheless, I believed that the NFL All-Pro would take a tremendous step in the competition with Volkov and many would get what comes to him. Only time will tell.

The main card of UFC Moscow starts at ESPN + on Saturday at 2pm ET 11:00 pm PT.

Alexander Volkov (30-7) vs. Greg Hardy (5-1, 1 NC), heavyweight

I feel like I'm writing about Hardy every other month. Mainly because of me. UFC is eager to get as much experience as possible from raw products as it is a key factor in helping Green Fighters grow. But the opponent facing Hardy is something other than a UFC caliber. Basically he's close to someone who can crush like you can in UFC. He sparked not only his progress as a fighter, but also his physical talent at that time. But is he ready for Volkov? in short.

Volkov thisCloser to a potential title shot before taking Derek Lewis for over 14 minutes, he fell into one of the heavy hitter's legendary comebacks. By the last minute, Volkov showed the achievement of a barrel of his length, which was not previously exhibited. Given the 6-inch, 7-inch, and 80-inch reach times, this is a difficult hell to reach. By far the greatest concern for the big man was his lethal defense. It's no surprise that getting the leverage you need from his height can be incredibly difficult. However, he showed better submission defense than he knew, emphasizing when Fabricio Werdum, the most experienced grapple in heavyweight history, fell down several times and survived. Balkov is not famous for his strength, but he owns a deep gas tank, and he can rush to pour the volume.

Perhaps Hardy has a physical tool to get angry. He is explosive and powerful and always looks more comfortable in the cage. He took a measured approach in his last match against Ben So-Soly, proving that he can go for 15 minutes without running out of energy reserves. But Sosoli could not push Hardy the way Volkov did. Basically, Volkov can't let Hardy find a way out of the scorecard. Hardy didn't show his ability to challenge the opponent on the mat, and he stopped playing with a draw in five UFC tournaments. He should be looking for Volkov's long range and not hoping his chin, so he should hope to be able to test his chin. Possible but not possible. Volkov via TKO on RD2

Ramajan Eme F (18-3) vs. Anthony Rocco Martin (16-5), welterweight

Many assume that Martin is taking a significant step in the competition after moving to the best Damian Maia of all time in the final competition, but Emeev is very overlooked as a wild card in the division.

Emeev's UFC match ensured three decision wins in two years, with almost no fanfare. The game is boring, but he has crippled his opponent in the ninth round due to wrestling and fighting in the UFC. Emeev, who was overwhelmingly powerful at 170, couldn't complete the takedown, but he would still be able to enforce the action on the fence. He was also durable throughout his career and his excellent submission defense, making it difficult to abandon him. Very little he does, but very effective.

Martin gained a reputation as one of the better submission artists at welterweight. Given the fighting skills of Emeev, he wins that honor if he can catch a Russian opponent. Martin went up in a light position, but he is very strong. In fact, his power was amplified, because he no longer exhausted himself and consumed energy for 15 minutes. Even more impressive is the improved counter boxing that allows you to win the fight without seeing Matt. But one thing missing from his arsenal is the takedown. He executed a submission violation by clipping an opponent in a standup or starting a scramble on the floor. He will stand on the boundary of the ranks until he can find a more consistent way of gaining an advantageous position on the mat.

Martin is a well-known name in this name, but the odds makers know what's going on. Emeev has the perfect technology to neutralize Martin in the same way Maia could. Emeev may not be the fierce professional Maia, but he is strong and beast at Clinch. Emeev was able to close Sam Alvey, who currently fought at 205. Although not pretty, Emeev will record the biggest scalp of his UFC career by this point. Emeev through decision

  • Last we saw Danny RobertsHe was embarrassed by Michel Pereira. As you know, Ferrera …During His fight only loses with a decision on the late notice opponent. okay… Recalling Roberts' loss makes it look terrible. However, he underestimated Pereira's ability, so he should not investigate too deeply, and he has the talent of Pere, but he is stupid. Despite his professional boxing background, Roberts was not always the technical striker he expected, but he made up for something better than he expected. His opponent Zelim Imada FIs a wild power punch, famous for trying mind games before the fight. Forehead Dev hasn't shown much in his takedown defense, but Roberts has yet to get a single takedown in nine UFC careers. Roberts's durability is faint enough to go in the direction of younger fighters, so I prefer young people. Imadaev via TKO on RD3
  • In his UFC debut Cadiz Yves Lagi Morph Came out of the door like a man of fire, and Down Jung assaulted her mother insult. The problem is that Jung survived, and Ivragi Morph quickly depleted the gas tank in the process, and continued his survival mode even before the end of the first round. I defended him, noting that he had a contest in a short announcement. So he does not seem to have a proper training camp for training. Well, he Ed Herman Even on short notice. Herman's endurance is deadly at the advanced stages of his career, not far from others and far from others. If Yvragi Morph doesn't finish him quickly, Herman is savvy enough to finish himself up on what might be a weary Evragi morph. All this depends on how well Herman endures. Ibragimov via KO of RD1
  • Shamil Potato Toffee It is hard to figure out. Unless you lose in the first 13 fights, it's hard to find out exactly what you're doing. His prominence is on the ugly side, but he throws a lot in order to make up for the lack of skills. He can get a takedown score but he can't stop. Lucky for him Clidson abreu He doesn't have much wrestling skills and doesn't pose a consistent threat to his feet, but he puts a decent punch in his fist. But he is a big threat to the mat. He's proven smart enough to love Johnny Walker and Viktor Nemkov, so Brazil offers some tricks to get Gamzatov's sleep. Both have strong competition experience, but Abreu's opposition is higher. It is leaning towards giving him an edge. Abreu via RD2 submission


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