Devendra Fadnavis took oath as Maharashtra Chief Minister again, Ajit Pawar Deputy CM, #DevendraFadnavis Trending on Twitter

Devendra-Fhadanvis- Governor -Bhagat-Singh-Koshyari

On Saturday morning, a great riot broke out in Maharashtra politics. The political situation changed completely from overnight to state. The BJP and NCP governments were established in the states. In the great frustration with Shiv Sena, BJP and the NCP formed the state government. Debendra Fadnavis of BJP has pledged to be prime minister. At the same time, Nji's Ajit Pawar (Ajit Pawar) made an oath of wealth CM. The oath took place at Raj Bhavan. This great riot that appeared in the politics of the country in the morning was shocking to everyone. At eight o'clock this morning, two leaders swore

To date, Shiv Sena has been involved in efforts to form parliament and the NCP government. The two sides were almost on the verge of forming a government, but the BJP reversed power in court at the last minute.

Prime Minister Deveven Lapad Nabis

Ajit Pawar becomes CM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Debend La Padavinas for becoming the CM of Maharashtra again. PM celebrates his vows as Debend La Fad Naviz G and Ajit Fawar Gh. I am sure they will work diligently for the bright future of Maharashtra.

At the Maharashtra General Assembly, BJP secured 105 seats, Shiv Sena 56, NCP 54, and 44 seats of parliament. BJP and Shiv Sena fought together in this election. Both sides crossed 145 degrees together. Shiv Sena, however, demanded a 50-50 formula before BJP that the government operating model was two and a half years. After that, the two paths were separated.



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