Despite opposition protest, govt manages to get 11 bills passed through NA – Pakistan

The National Assembly in a frantic session managed to do record business on Thursday, with lawmakers who passed 11 bills submitted by the government despite the vehement opposition protest.

The government today presented a total of 15 bills, including 13 presidential ordinances, the first day of the current NA session. Of these 11 bills, including nine ordinances, were passed by the lower house.

Ordinances passed in the form of bills include seven recently enacted by President Arif Alvi. The assembly also approved a 120-day extension to three presidential ordinances.

From the beginning of the session, opposition banks began protesting against the government for getting the legislation carried out by ordinances. Opposition lawmakers gathered in front of the speaker's dice and broke copies of the bills. They also chanted slogans against the government.

The bills passed today during the session chaired by Vice President Qasim Suri of NA included: the Ordinance of the Justice and Legal Assistance Authority 2019, the Order of the Superior Court of Justice (Court Attire and Address) ( Repeal), the Benami Transaction Ordinance (Prohibition) (Amendment) Ordinance 2019, the National Responsibility Ordinance (Amendment) 2019, Draft Law of the Medical Court 2019 and the Ordinance of the Pakistan Medical Commission 2019.

During today's session, he also issued production orders for former President Asif Ali Zardari, PPP leader Khursheed Shah and PML-N leader Khawaja Saad Rafique, all of whom are imprisoned.



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