Dengue death toll hits 32 as two more children lose their lives

Two more children died from complications from dengue fever from the National Institutes of Health (NICH), and an 11-year-old boy from Chachro Tehsil, Tarpakar, died of rabies from the same health facility in Karachi. Health officials said on Thursday.

“Moosa Irfan, a three month old toddler, brought me to NICH yesterday. He was positive for dengue fever and died during treatment today, ”said Dr. Jamal Raza. He said a young boy was brought from the Korangi area of ​​the city for treatment.

Similarly, a three-year-old boy named Ty Mur Hasim, who lives in the Corangi Bilal Colony region, also died of a complication of dengue and NICH, Raza said. Due to dengue and other viral diseases. He sees a growing number of dengue cases throughout the city, and because NICH treats only children, many young patients get mosquito-borne diseases, including dengue and malaria, and children with waterborne diseases are receiving a large number of people in other areas.

The number of Karachi deaths due to dengue fever has increased by two more mosquito-borne deaths, according to health officials. .

Strangely, most public and private medical facilities in Karachi and the rest of the Sind don't share data with the authorities, while Sind Health Department officials are reluctant to share real data and figures with the media.

It is worth mentioning that an 8-year-old child from the vast village of Malir province died of dengue fever earlier in NICH, and some children in the same area were transferred to other public and private hospitals. Dengue Treatment.

Officials of the Sindh Dengue Prevention & Control Program argue that dengue fever is being seen this month despite the fact that they die every day and dengue is increasing.

They say 200 are positive for dengue compared to last month when more than 300 people tested positive for mosquito-borne diseases in this province.

Rabies kills the boy

Dr. Raja claimed that an 11-year-old boy from Takapar lost his life once more in Karachi as he died a few days ago in NICH.

“I was 11 years old Imtiaz Samejo brought to NICH as a full-fledged rabies from a village in Chachro Tehsil in Tharparkar. When we asked about his immunization status, his parents did not know whether or not the child had received the rabies vaccine. ”

The NICH director said he received some kind of injection from the boy, but not the rabies vaccine. He insisted that NICH supplied Karachi enough rabies vaccine.

He said he could receive rabies vaccine within 24 hours of a dog bite and prevent rabies if the entire vaccination process is completed. He added that a vaccine to a person after a bite from a dog can not cause rabies death.




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