Convert Adobe Aero, Photoshop Art to AR without code

Photoshop has helped to increase the accessibility of graphic design. Now Adobe Aero wants to do what Photoshop did for graphic design and augmented reality (AR) space. Launched on November 4 in beta over a year, Aero is the first platform for designers to create AR without code, Adobe says.

Adobe Aero, an iOS-only app, uses AR with other programs from Adobe. Designers can start an AR project in Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC and then import that file into Adobe Aero to incorporate the initial design into immersive space. This allows designers familiar with Photoshop not need to code, but can bring creativity into the augmented reality space.

Designers use the tablet's camera to place artwork in AR space. Adobe Aero includes tools that allow you to add interactive actions, such as rotate, bounc, rotate, or follow a path attached to a specific trigger. For example, when a viewer taps the screen, the graphics may begin to rotate.

Adobe Aero also works with layers in Photoshop. One demo shows how artists use tools to explore different layers of two-dimensional artwork. This app includes a tool that allows artists to add space by choosing the space to place between those layers and then explore the artwork in AR.

In addition to using 2D and 3D art in Photoshop, Aero can add starter assets with your work stored in Creative Cloud or Camera Roll. Once complete, Aero can be exported using links, files or videos to include in third party apps.

This app was previewed last summer with Project Aero. At the time, the company said the program would simplify the process of creating AR objects, allowing artists to switch their work to AR objects without the help of developers.

“Digital is no longer limited to a single screen, it's spread out in physical space and in the real world,” says Stefano Corazza of Adobe. "AR can move us beyond the boundaries of the screen and turn everything into a digital arena."

Adobe calls the new technology Aero. This still means "coming together". But starting today, the app is not in beta in the initial public release. Adobe Aero is available for free download from the App Store.

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