Challenge Cup’s best performers to be honoured

The best player in the LAHORE-OTC Lahore Challenge Cup will be honored at the awards ceremony. The decision was made at a meeting of the Organizing Committee held as Chairman of President Sajjad Akbar. The meeting also decided to review the preparation of the tournament and award the prize to the tournament's top player in the name of the cricket king. He said the best spinner prize would be the players of the Abdul Qadir Trophy, the top fast bowler Mohammad Nysar Trophy, the best wicket Imtiaz Ahmed Trophy, the best batter Nazar Mohammad Trophy, the best all-round Musa Sar Nazar Trophy and the tournament Fazal Mahmud Trophy. In addition to the top players, the top scorers and top referees will be awarded the Abdul Hamed Trophy and the Aleem Dar Trophy, and journalists will receive the awards of Sultan F Hussein, Shahid Sheikh, Zahid Maqsood, Raza Hameed and Qayyum Zahid.




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