Can you prove that Chelsea can beat Manchester City?

In terms of fixtures, Manchester City does not slow down. Even if you have an international break, it gives you a chance to breathe for a while. They faced Chelsea at Etihad on November 23rd and both settled to the top. Both sides made a great start early in the season and know that if you want a true title, you have to win this match.

Manchester City is currently playing an enthusiastic match in Anfield on Sunday, where they ignored the VAR decision and left. Among VAR's decisions, midfielder Anchor Fernandez Nyuga was able to find out how much the defensive injury crisis suffered in a match against midfielder Fernanzi New against the midfielder's natural position. If Pep Guardiola prefers Brazil and combines transfer values ​​of more than £ 750 million without combining John Stones and Nicholas Ota Mendi, he is more likely to stop the gap again.

City, on the other hand, is enjoying Frank Lampard's life to find the form again. Title League with a focus on fast soccer, football betting tips for winning the league, Liverpool, Leicester, City Many thought that Lampard would struggle if the transfer ban given to them and his hands were forced to make younger players. But this was in the hands of the former Derby manager when young players earned a reward by buying their philosophy and sitting on the third place.

Chelsea haven't won the last six games, but they have to daydream about the possibility of making City's life difficult. Their last loss occurred in September, like City, Liverpool, and hopes they will continue to be in great shape even during Christmas.

But City is hoping to take leaves out of Chelsea's book and use Liverpool's losses as a catalyst. It is clear that they have football quality, but are there always resilience and reflexes to recover from unfamiliar disorders?

You'll need to be amazed at the superiority of this game with confidence with the great looks of Chelsea Camp and Tommy Abraham, who have already scored 10 goals in the league this season. City's defensive weakness was evident against Liverpool, and without Aymeric Laporte, there was a lack of real cohesion, unity and leadership in defense. However, he was able to visit Chelsea with goalkeeper Edson, which was a great help to the citizens.

One thing for sure is that this can be a real cracker in a game where both sides win. Hope VAR won't spoil your chance.


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