Bill Gates: Windows Phone defeated Android

    Microsoft's founder Bill Gates believes that if he hadn't had an antitrust investigation in the early 2000s, he would have ruled the smartphone world.

    At the New York Times' DealBook conference, Gates was confused by an incident that missed the deadline to install Windows Mobile on Motorola Mobile in a matter of months.

    Microsoft dominated smartphones early in the decade using Windows Mobile, but these first mobile device benefits were limited because of the small market size of these devices.

    Motorola was a major device manufacturer during this period, attracting great attention from Windows Mobile on the market and limiting the possibility that Google seized it with Android.

    Microsoft mobile

    There is no doubt that antitrust lawsuits are bad for Microsoft. We would have been more focused on building a phone operating system. Today I'm using Windows Mobile instead of Android. “If not antitrust… We were so close that we were confused. I got distracted and ruined. "

    The first Android devices were released in late decade, filling Microsoft's vacuum for non-Apple mobile operating systems. Android has become a smartphone where Windows is a PC.

    Windows Phone was critically acclaimed, but it was released too late for consumer, vendor, and developer support to challenge the top. Acquisition of former market leader Nokia will not stop the decline.

    Gate had not previously described the market as Microsoft's biggest mistake, hundreds of millions of pounds, but the company didn't get at least peace. The last low-key attempt to share with the mobile version of Windows 10 has exhausted Steam, and Microsoft plans to use Android on their upcoming Surface Duo devices.

    At Satya Nadella, Microsoft's strategy is to provide services like Microsoft Office 365 to as many devices as possible to increase subscription revenue.

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    Bill Gates: The post on Windows Phone may have defeated Android for the first time in Best Buy Hours today.



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