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Beverly Hills Cop 4 Is Coming To Netflix | TheRichest.com

Netflix seems to have doubled in the revived Eddie Murphy.

The actors and comedians recently announced that they would return to stand-up comedy, after which they watched a new movie. Dolemite is my name Released by streaming giants.

According to variety, they will also be fired Beverly Hills Police 4Has acquired the right to create a fourth installment Beverly Hills Police Paramount Series. These movements are caused by failures of high expectations sequels. Terminator: Dark Fate And Black men: international Therefore, it remains how big it can be. Of course, the aforementioned movie did not have the support of Netflix.

First pair Beverly Hills Police The film was a big hit, but when released in 1994, the third part didn't work well in the box office. But the fourth probably hope to make the fourth.

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Dolemite is My Name, "Murphy's new comedy", got the best reviews of his career from the actor on the current platform. Although "Beverly Hills Cop III" in 1994 was a commercial and critical disappointment, the first two films in this series were a big hit. "


It seems strange that Paramount licenses the top level IP: Beverly Hills Police, They consider all the money already invested in the fourth part, but actually taking over to Netflix is ​​the best profit.

Murphy Dolemite is my name It's quite popular and his acting is as good as expected, but the actor hasn't seen a popular movie for 10 years. It can change quite over time 2 US coming Attack the screen in December next year. However, there is still some risk, given that the current generation does not have loyalty to Murphy. Beverly Hills Police Franchise

source : variety



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