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Smartphone usage is increasing more than ever. Today, tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the constantly evolving mobile phone technology. Your phone is now easily accessible, inexpensive and includes smarter features than it was a few years ago. We can not ignore the influence of mobile phones in everyday life. But once again, when trying to download apps and apks, you need to take into account the effort that most people go through. Before we go any further, let's look at the difference between phone APK and mobile app.

Mobile APK

Since the first appearance of smartphones (Android smartphones), mobile phone applications have been inseparable units from mobile devices. If you use your phone on a daily basis, there are certain applications that you should use to make your life easier. This is why you need to differentiate your mobile app from your APK. This is to provide clear instructions on what you need to consider and what to consider before downloading the app.

APK or Android application (Kit) packages are now a file format that is basically limited to Android operating system (OS) support. An APK is a collection of various source code, small files, videos, and other elements that make it easy to distribute other processes. FYI, the APK can be served outside of the Google Play Store, but can't be installed unless you use the activation source in your smartphone settings. That's why you need to be very careful before downloading APKs from unverifiable websites. You may need to sign up for the Google Play Store before downloading the mobile app. But this is different from apk download. Downloading the APK from the official website is very easy and most people prefer to download the app using the APK file version.

Mobile app

Not a new term for most people, but it would be wise to explain it to people who are still in the dark. An app is a short form of & # 39; application & # 39 ;. Before the advent of mobile platforms or smartphones, users had to use Windows software applications. Thanks to technology, you can now experience a better Android experience through your mobile app.

Download APK from Google Play

If you are an Android user, unlike iPhone users, you have a lot of control over the OS. This is because iPhone users need to jailbreak their phone before downloading the app. However, with an Android phone, you can install an app or APK file from the Google Play Store. However, there are many risks to consider when using APK files. Here are some things to consider before downloading an APK on your mobile device.

Source site security and safety

For reference, some APK files can be harmful to your device. Hackers take advantage of the free installation process to install malware and viruses on these files. So when choosing an APK download site, you should take certain precautions, especially when choosing a safe site like In addition to ensuring online safety and cyber security, the site also offers a variety of apps of the same version, and constantly updated with the latest version. Other reliable alternatives for protecting your phone are:

Use VirusTotal website – You can check for malware and viruses in your APK before downloading from this site.

HashDroid – When using the HashDroid website, you can check the digital fingerprint of a website known as SHA. Now if the SHA does not match your digital fingerprint, it is not worth downloading the APK for safety reasons.

Using NViso APKScan – As the name suggests, this is an application used to scan for malware and other safety and security issues. However, before downloading the APK file, you must first download the NViso APKScan app. The best thing about this application is that there is no limit when downloading large files from the Google Play Store, it is easy to use and fast.

Finally, being able to freely download a specific APK file costs a lot of downloading support applications like those highlighted above. One thing is certain, however, that you always want to make sure that the files you download are safe from damage. Doing a counter check before downloading the app is always a positive factor. This will ensure the longevity of mobile devices and other safety issues.


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