Bellator 233 predictions, & # 39; Salter vs van Steenis & # 39; preview

Bellator 233 “Salter vs. Van Steenis ”comes to WinStar World Casino and Resort in Tackerville, Oklahoma on November 8, 2019. Two of the top middleweights in this promotion will meet to determine who gets closer to world title shots.

Let's break down:

185 lbs: John Salter (16-4) vs. Costello van Stenis (12-1)

“Spanish” Costello van Steenis has been working quietly on the ladder, so he may have missed it quietly. The Dutch fighter had four Bellator bouts, but only half of them were in the US and one win was a split decision. The bout, which finally put him on the map, ensured a future Bellator main event and middleweight title competition with a brutal knockout through the elbows at Bellator 223. Finished with 75% of his wins (four knockouts, five submissions), he is a real danger to the entire department.

John Salter was once on his way to rivalry, but with the defeat of future champion Rafael Lovato Jr. kicked him out of the lead and regrouped. The loud and dangerous Chidi Njokuani's dominant victory by Bellator 210 put him back in the mix. Defending upward prospects like van Steenis may be the arguments needed to win the Lovato rematch. He is definitely the best submission artist in the sector no Lova Tora comes in 56% of his victories (9 out of 9) that way, and if you only judge his Bellator MMA career, that percentage is much higher. The bad news for Van Stenis is that Solter was hit by a better enemy.

Final prediction: John Salter through triangular chokes in the first round

195 Pound: Muhammed Lawal (21-9) vs. Andrew Kapel (14-6)

Retirement is a fun business in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. No one was “complete” unless he had six feet below the ground. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal vows that this is his last fight. If it can't blame him for sure. Three consecutive knockout losses (two in Velator and one in Lysine) certainly gave him a reason to consider his health. You might think that you quit after a fight with Liam McGeary, but if you think he's a former world champion and former Grand Prix champion, benefit from doubt in the final bout.

He currently has three wins in the fight against Andrew Kapel and two wins in the fight against Andrew Kapel, which certainly won. Indeed, 64% of Kapel's victories come by submission, but Lawal has never been tapped before, so perhaps he thinks he is invincible. Kapel lived and died with that knife. His biggest name so far has been the loss of naked chalk behind the “lion” Anthony Smith. This should be resolved with legal courtesy as long as he maintains a fighting stance, and there is no reason why his withdrawal defenses will not be maintained due to his excellent wrestling ability.

Final prediction: Muhammed Lawal by 3rd TKO

145 pounds: Leslie Smith (11-7-1) vs. Allen Blenkou (12-7)

It is easy to misjudge this fight with your own records. On the other hand, if you've ever seen a fight between "peacekeeper" Leslie Smith or "Angerfist" Arlene Blencowe, understand how tempting this game is. Both women are of the type that offers absolutely everything in spite of lost efforts, willing to stand in the phone booth and trade willingly to win, and have a high knockout rate of victory-45% for Smith, 58% for Blencowe. Smith has won two fights, Blenco is three times and both are eyeing the winners of Julia Bird and Chris Cyborg in January. At 5 minutes and 9 seconds, reaching 67 inches, Smith actually came out because he had both a height and length of Blencowe (5 minutes and 5 seconds and 66 inches) and didn't fight at Featherweight and don't lose any rapid weight loss.

Final prediction: Leslie Smith through unanimous decision

£ 170: Logan Story (10-0) vs. E.J. Brooks (13-5)

Under his contract, a new contract is signed and Logan “Storm” Storley with an opponent signed on Friday is to go out and dominate the competition. 70% of his victories will be finished in the first or second round, and he is a high-level training partner such as amateur wrestling pedigree and Michael Johnson of Kamaru Usman and Hard Knocks 365 Thanks to that, I got there. Went to the judge, some fans may have forgotten the finisher that Storley has proven. E.J. It's not easy to find because Brooks has played five games. All five Victory went to the decision. Nevertheless, Brooks had one knockout and two appearances in 13 wins, and Storley “got the power of the farm” in a way that previous enemies couldn't handle all seven finals.

Final Prediction: Logan Stole through Round 1 KO

265 lbs: Tyrell Fortune (7-0) vs. Azunna Anyanwu (15-5)

For the unnatural and strong wrestlers who successfully moved from the amateur competition to the MMA, the former Olympic prospect Tyrell Fortune rose sharply, polluting former fellow competitors. He couldn't afford to go past Azunna Anyanwu, but the opponent with more experience at UFC and a short experience bouncing after one split decision fell in love with him. Their loss could be Bellator's profit when 60% of his victories come out of the knockout. Given that his entire career has fought in the cage and how much improvement he has made in every Bellator fight, it's hard to choose for Fortune, but if you beat Anyanwu you might have to push it into deep water and show better heart and conditioning . Then he can burst Anyanwu back into a big shot and have a quick night. Predicting the distance of a heavyweight player is dangerous, but that's what happened to Derrick Lewis.

Final prediction: Tyrell Fortune through unanimous decision

It's a rap! Tomorrow at 9pm, the main card will provide coverage for Bellator 233. ET to Paramount Network DazantryoutOff card match ET which starts at 7:00 pm. For the latest Bellator MMA news and notes, check out our comprehensive news release. Right here.


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