Battle for Beats and Ears: The Changing Sounds of Dr. Can

    I heard about Beats headphones with or without the product.

    Founded in 2006 by rapper Dr Dre and record producer Jimmy Iovine, Beats has been a power player in consumer audio since its inception and quickly became a market leader in terms of sales for Sony, Sennheiser, Skull Candy, Boss and more. .

    Beats' huge market share probably attracted the tech giant Apple to the company. $ 3 billion

    How did Beats change the company's headphone quality through this acquisition? We talked with Chairman Luke Woods Beats about Powerbeats Pro, the company's first true wireless earphone. [Beats and Apple] You need to cooperate from a technical point of view. & # 39; & # 39;

    "We thought we were pretty good until we got to Apple. Then we started learning what was good," he admits between sips of green tea.

    What did Apple do, not Beats? Wood said, “Apple has a lot of training and rigor in terms of product quality.

    Does this mean that Beats headphones are low in the past? They have been criticized for their bass being so heavy and shameless and ultimately inappropriate for any discerning audiophile.


    The bass was so light that no air came out. The bass penetrated the charts through disco, punk, soul, hip hop and R & B in the late 20s, maintaining the balance of popular genres for decades now.

    After that, in the 2000s, dance halls and old traditions soared to mainstream popularity, especially in England and the United States. Today, the heart-beating subbass line is also in the most saccharin pop song.

    In short, the bass was everywhere and Beats wanted it.

    "Happy people will respect the fact that we've learned and grown up."

    Beat President Luke Wood

    “No one made headphone products, so the floor was clean.

    Since then, Woods has said [its] Trade in a few years after launching your first studio headphones in 2008.

    "Happy people will respect the fact that we've learned and grown up."

    Power beat pro

    "As Sonic, they are super drugs"

    As Wood describes the improved behavior and improved acoustic housing of the all-new "piston driver", the PowerBeat Pro's true wireless headphones are very exciting.

    "With noise, they are super drugs." He says funnyly, "beautiful sound equipment." Does it mean that buds have better sound quality balance than previous models?

    Wood thinks so, describing the company's "almost evangelical, almost enthusiastic approach."

    "We are trying to go back to the album religiously as we heard in the studio," he explained.

    It's not about sound quality. Best of all, PowerBeats Pro is a true wireless workout earbud. Therefore, it is waterproof and designed to fit comfortably and comfortably in your ears no matter how active your training session is.

    Like the new Apple AirPods (2019), it's powered by Apple's new H1 chip, which provides fast connection times and hands-free Siri voice control. Powerbeats Pro is arguably an Apple product.

    Power beat pro

    Looking to the future

    Rumor has it that Apple AirPods 2 will be both a health and fitness device and a true wireless earbud. Apple filed a patent Will biometric sensor bits for monitoring my heart rate be considered for future fitness earbuds?

    Wood thinks it is not. "We don't want to work customers with useless frontier avant-garde technology."

    "If I have a smartwatch that gives me all the information, do I have to duplicate it with headphones?" If you want to make "the best fitness headphones in the world," you will probably need it.

    Apple this kind of & # 39; Although his headphones had avant-garde technology, his company was taken over by technology giants. It is clear that you have made a big profit.

    If he puts Beats " [Apple’s] Great R & D and innovation allowed us to apply it to our products. “I don't know how successful Beats and Apple's partnership will be until Powerbeats is released next month.

    Beats news and battle for the ear: Dr Dre's cannes first appeared on Best Buy Hours Today.



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