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Australian Awards

The Australian Awards is a facility that values ​​the importance of Australian higher education. The Australian Awards, part of some of the world's leading universities, is an opportunity to develop not only international students in Australia but also international students who want to study in Australia. As a result, the Australian Awards have led several initiatives based on education that hopes to improve other areas as well. In this example, the African Prize pays attention to the developmental needs of partner countries from Australia, giving their citizens an opportunity to participate in Australian countries and gain fresh insights into how to solve their problems. The Australian Awards believes that a program started with a focus on many research-led universities in Australia, which has earned a reputation for outstanding professionalism in the field of education and the ability to conduct relevant professional education, can achieve its vision and mission. .

Australia Awards Course

Australian Award Short Course

The 2019/2020 Australian Award Short Course Program is an opportunity designed to provide educational and professional development skills to selected candidates at the Australian Awards. The program requires all applicants to take short courses that will enrich their professional skills and contribute to each home country. Training includes the development of important skills, knowledge and networks necessary to improve the social welfare of the society in which you currently live. Some previously offered courses include: Extraction, Agriculture, Policy, Environment, Health and Technology Vocational Education and Training. However, yearly courses offered vary in time with current social needs. The course to be offered this year will be announced on the official website, which you can see the contact information listed at the bottom of this article.

Program value

The Australia Awards Short Courses 2019/2020 program offers a number of very useful benefits for all beneficiaries. The award is awarded and hoped that selected candidates will be able to make good use of them and complete more studies in Australia and do not have to think about the financial needs during the course. Their degree. Winners of the Australian Award Short Course Program are listed below.

  • An opportunity to pursue Australian education once in a lifetime.
  • Financial Rewards for Beneficiary's Tuition.
  • The place where the short course is held and the plane returning to your home country are fully sponsored.
  • Financial compensation for the applicant's visa costs.
  • Salary for living expenses.
  • Full range for accommodation for the entire duration of the course.
  • Full compensation for health insurance for the entire duration of the course.
  • If necessary, coordinated support for women and people with disabilities.
  • Change to building international networks with other students across Australia and with students from all over the world.
  • Introduced to the prestigious Alumni Network of Short Course Programs.
  • Short course professional development.

Eligible Country

There are a handful of African countries that can participate in the Australian Award Short Course 2019/2020 program. Please check your nationality again. The country of origin plays an important role in the application role. In addition to checking whether your country is included in the list of eligible countries, you can participate in the program, and it should be noted that all candidates for this short course program have different eligibility criteria in each country. Therefore, check your nationality here before meeting the eligibility and eligibility criteria. The following African countries are eligible for the Australian Award Short Course 2019/2020 program:

  • Botswana
  • Cameroon
  • Ivory Coast
  • Ethiopia*
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Mauritius
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda *
  • Senegal
  • Somalia *
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan *
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

Note: Countries with an asterisk (*) sign indicate that the course is carried out within the continent of Africa.


Before applying for the Australia Awards Short Courses 2019/2020 program, you must ensure that you are fully qualified for the program. Different African countries may have different environments and policies, so each country has the potential to have unique eligibility criteria. To see the country-specific sectors, access them through this official link here. In addition, this short course program is primarily for African descent and targets individuals with valid African nationality, so there is a list of selected countries that can participate in the Australian Award Short Course 2019/2020 program. Therefore, all candidates must ensure that they are from the countries mentioned earlier in the previous section.


To be eligible for the Australia Awards Short Courses 2019/2020 program, you must also meet some other requirements. As with eligibility criteria, these requirements are important so don't miss out. Failure to meet all of these requirements can be dangerous. The requirements are as follows:

  • Have valid African citizenship.
  • Have at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent.
  • It is currently used in this field.
  • I have worked in a graduate program.
  • Candidates must be 25-55 years old by the time of application.
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement what you have learned in a short course to improve your home country's policies or well-being.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English.
  • You can get an Australian student visa (subclass 500).

How to apply

Is your application for the Australian Award Short Course 2019/2020 completed now? To begin the procedure, you can click on the "Apply Now" link on the official website or access it via this link here. When you click on the link, you will be taken to another page from here, where you will need to fill in and select specific items, such as country, bonus type (select Australian bonus courses). Because other countries may have additional criteria, the goal is to reconfirm the program's eligibility. After you check again, you can start applying online from our website.

The Australian Award Short Course 2019/2020 Program Application will be judged. Starting with a personal statement, a reintegration plan of action, and all attached documents, we evaluate all aspects of this program to ensure that it is consistent with the program's vision and mission. Unlike the Australian Award Short Course Program, this program does not have offline interviews with the Commission Panel. Instead, candidates receive a call from the committee to confirm the application and its contents. This includes questions related to your application and personal claims about your current employment status.

When all courses are completed, the training provider will notify all selected candidates. Short courses offered to males are the main responsibility of the educational provider. In short, certain courses that applicants take throughout the program are pre-selected by their supervisors instead. This means that program participants cannot recommend courses or institutions of their choice.


Now that the Australian Award Short Course 2019/2020 program is ready, it's time to take note of the important dates. The application period for this program is from October 1, 2019 to January 17, 2020. All applicants must submit their application by the deadline. All applicants must submit their application after the deadline. If approved by the committee, it will be automatically dismissed.

In addition, all applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application before the deadline. This process is an online-based application process, which means that at the end of the application period there will be a lot of online traffic. If you have a lot of online traffic, your website might crash and affect your application procedures. Therefore, prepare your application and documentation as soon as possible so that it is easier to submit your application.

Official contact

Do you have questions about the Australian Award Short Course 2019/2020 program? Do not worry! Have all the important contact information you need. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us via the contact information below. Be sure to ask all the questions you need to answer so you can apply smoothly and efficiently to the program. Finally, do not forget to be well prepared and do your best. Scholars around the world, happy support!

Website :
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Phone number: +27 (0) 12362 4360 (Pretoria Herbs) or +254 (20) 760 86 80 (Nairobi Herb)


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