Amna Ilyas talks about her dark skin and much more

Our society has set the standard of beauty, and it must meet that standard to look beautiful. Girls with dark skin often need to be criticized for being simply dark and use fairness cream.

In the interview Amna Ilyas talked about her experience as a dark-colored girl and what she faced.

“Whatever the son looks like, mothers say our daughter-in-law should be white. When I raised my aunt, my cousins ​​went to school and told me about the cure, saying I was black. People don't know how sensitive this problem is and how it can affect someone's mind, ”said Amna.

“I used to use fair cream, but I realized it wasn't good. The important thing is healthy skin, ”said Amna.

She shared her experience in the industry and said, “For example, if you had to do a lawn campaign, the makeup artists did two tones of light makeup and made it brighter with the help of Photoshop. Sometimes it wasn't when I used to see them. "

Here's an interview with Amna sharing his experience with BBC Urdu.


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