Alif Episode 6 Story Review – Mo Min's Revenge and Momina's Reward

Thought Opening – Different from the previous episode:

This Alif episode is different from all episodes we've seen so far. I had feelings but still the way everything is passed makes me empty and now there is emptiness in my heart. I gained detailed insight into the emotional and mental state before showing how it would change in Momin & Momina's life. I've lost the word right now & now I get the full reason why this episode was executed this way. Because now everything changes & we'll have magic soon!

Rewards and Revenge:

All the scenes dealing with the mental and emotional state of Momina and her family are beautifully completed. They overwhelmed me and made me feel once again, and each and every detail worked great. Described Momina's body language, crouching shoulders, walking, defeated eyes, and expressionless face flowing through her mind. Momina could not feel any emotion because he realized that everything he felt and experienced was related to Jahangir. For many years, Momina did not feel peace, and she could not rest her mind because the thoughts of healing and raunchy nourish her life. Momina struggled and struggled because she knew she had to do everything to help her brother. Now that self-defense is gone, she must reform her life. It's hard to do that. Momina could not decipher what the purpose of his life was when Jahangir was around. Momina felt purposeful because he was responsible for hitting himself but now he's completely lost. She is now beginning to think about her parents, this way she can know for herself that she still needs and has a lot to do. Momina suffers from this mayhem but yes, she is tired.

Momina tried to do something better for her parents, she decided to talk to them and get back to normal, but failed. I felt that Momina dedicated her life to her family. Everything she feels is just related to them and while doing so, she puts herself far behind. The sultan linked the death of Jahan Gir with the death of vanity Jahan, who thought he was angry that his loved ones disappeared strongly. At that moment Momina just walked and realized that this was something my father could not help. For Husn e Jahan, not feeling that feeling is not his control.

The conversation of Master Ibrahim & Momina was beautiful and emotional. This was a very unique kind of catharsis for Momina, and at least listening to all of the Ibrahim Master and Momina began thinking about her 'reward'. Momina felt all this strong feelings for Faisal, and whether she will be with him or not, it may be her reward, but she is a lesson learned wrong. The way Sajal Aly embodies all of Momina's feelings and feelings with such clarity and accuracy is absolutely commendable. Just looking at her will tell you what she is going through. Her discernment is really a cure that she should follow because she doesn't make that much effort. This depiction of emotions is my favorite. I'm Sajal Aly's performance as a momina.

Momin once again proved that he is a person who doesn't forgive himself, who harbors grudges and forgets it. Momin was insulting in front of the world, while what Neha was doing was behind a closed door. She quietly cheated, but Momin insulted her publicly. Momin actually had strong feelings for Neha, which is why he was hurt. But he couldn't let it go and thought about coming back to her. Momin actually underestimated Neha. He thought he would be able to escape everything because he was dominating the industry with his power and authority, and he thought nothing could go his way. Neha is injured and wants to see Momin fail. I don't think I'm in a position to get mad at Momin because Neha was the first cheat to Momin, so long as I think that Momin should taste failure in order to really understand what true success is. Momin did not cheat, so he is clear!

Momin fell into a scandal, and with this his life is in a downward spiral. Momin is not ready yet, but she will face the situation and will question everything. Mommin will only have to reflect, reflect, and control her life only when he decides to change himself. This is the journey I want to experience.

Momin has an appearance, and no one could really understand or decipher the fact that behind this absurd man, which was actually classified emotionally, was a vulnerable, terrified mother. When I saw the scenes of Husn e Jahan and young Momin, I could not feel sadly to the young child who was listening to my mother's confession. For a child, the first superhero is a parent, but Mo Min's father showed that he was a coward running away, and the mother confessed that he was not an ideal parent. This is something a child can not even imagine. Young Momin was trying to figure things out at a very soft age and my mother admitted that she failed. Despite not saying all that, he was an observer. His mother is dying every day. Momin hates the fact that everyone idealizes Husn e Jahan for his beauty, fame and success. She didn't matter at all when she eagerly wanted her husband's love and symbiosis because she saw her in the lowest state-what was Taha's affection & sadly, that was the only thing she didn't get.

Seeing her mother's picture, Momin was a young child who still missed her after such strong feelings, and she was angry at the sad life she had led. This shows that Momin has bottled all these feelings for a long time and forgot why he felt like this. His time in Turkey will allow him to loosen his thoughts, draw a clear picture, and actually realize where this anger came from and what it was for. Momin has a lot to do and it will be interesting to do it.

Thought ending – everywhere in a good way:

Overall, this Alif episode is interesting & what about everything because you can see completely that Momina will be responsible for her life & follow the order in which Momin seeks to find herself? As Abdul Alla said, & # 39; seedha rasta & # 39 ;. Momin finds herself in trouble, and in the end you will realize how much it is meaningless that all this is chasing most of her life. At this point I'm actually most excited about Momina & Momin's meeting, but I like how things are being built. I must say that the background music of all the music is in place, because in every scene the background music influences and plays a huge role in giving the situation more meaning. More emotions were added to the sad music used in the scene where Momina talked with a friend about Jahangir. Hamza Ali Abbasi brought life to her character. Every expression and every emotion was conveyed wonderfully. Momin is a very complex figure and portrays it as an excellent piece showing the caliber of Hamza Ali Abbasi as an actor. Pehlaaj Hussain is wonderful and his presence adds a layer of different emotions in all his scenes. Saleem Mairaj's performance in this episode was excellent. A father who lost his son and a fan who lost his idol, the feelings were confusing but they came from the same place – loss and heartbreak. Alif was a well-directed, well-executed, and well-played drama with situations that spark thought-provoking conversations and chords. I can't wait to see the rest of my journey. Please send us your comments about this Alif episode.

Continued support,
Zara Mirza


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