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Al Zahra offers young people and professionals the opportunity to explore for themselves their talents and passion for the healthcare industry. Al Zara Hospital Dubai. Career growth opportunities are much better than any other organization. We also have the ability to gain the number of experiences and turn them into permanent employees by giving them the opportunity to run out of experiences.

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hospital nameAl Zara Hospital
Job locationDubai & Sharjah
NationalitySelective (update)
educationEquivalent degree
Salary rangeAccording to location
Published date27 November 2019

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More about Al Zahra Hospital

Al Zahra Hospital was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Sharjah. Later, the hospital began to become the largest hospital. Thirteen years later, this hospital is known as the UAE's first largest private general hospital, which has been providing internationally standardized care for valued patients since its first day. Caring for the patient should be your first priority, so you will not compromise on quality or patient care and healthcare equipment or tools. We are also committed to providing our patients with the best health care. Al Zahra Hospital is currently the fastest growing medical network in the UAE and nearby countries.

Empty seat list (New update)

One) Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse6) Patient enrollment nurse
2) GYNE handjob nurse7) Pediatric ward nurse
three) GYNE handjob nurse8) CSSD descriptor
4) Emergency room nurse9) CSSD descriptor
5) Operating room nurseDone

How do I apply for Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah Careers?

When hiring a nurse, the nurse must hold a MOH or DHA license along with a bachelor's degree or diploma in nursing. If you are willing to apply for an Al Zahra Hospital Dubai career, the care team is ready to hear your comments. Please take a few moments to set up your profile by visiting the following link below. good luck

Apply for jobs at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

If you are in doubt about the list of empty seats seen above, you need to dial the following number if you want to check for real or forgery and desperately for authenticity.

Email CV: [email protected]

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