Ace of Space 2 Winner: Salman Zaidi is the Winner of Ace of Space Season 2, Exclusive Details Revealed!

Salman Jaidee Ace of Space -2

Ace of Space Season 2 has entered a very important stage in the competition. Ace to Space 2 was hosted by Vikas Gupta and started with 24 participants this season. Ace to Space 2 runs for 72 days this season. The Grand Finale will be held at Ace of Space 2 this weekend.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Grand Finale Date

The grand finale of MTV Ace of Space 2 will be held on November 2, 2019.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner

The winner of the MTV Ace of Space is Divya Agarwal. But Salman Zaidi is the winner of the MTV Ace of Space 2.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Semifinals

Based in Mumbai, Yash Rajput is the first official semifinalist of MTV Ace of Space 2. Yash advanced to the semifinals after winning Out of the box work. The shy young man was shocked by entering the semifinals because strong competitors such as Deepak Thakur, Salman Zaidi and Luv Tyagi have not yet advanced to the semifinals.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Finalist and Finale Winner Tickets

A few days ago, Space 2's MTV Ace received his first ticket from the finale winner. The first finalist of MTV Ace of Space 2 did not have Hyderabad's popular child, Baseer Ali, who turned his head to her performance this season in MTV Ace of Space 2. Baseer Ali has a notable fan base and a relationship with the Australian model Lucinda. Nicholas was in the news.

Basheer's mother was delighted with her son's victory. "I'm very proud of how Baseer played the game," she said. He played with all his heart, mind and soul. I am very proud that he maintained dignity and changed for the better as a human being. He is not only qualified to come to the finale, but he can also win the game. ”

Ace of Space 2 Winners Vote Results-Who will win Ace of Space Season 2? – Audience Vote Voting

The fight for the title is mainly between Salman Zaidi and Baseer Ali. Baseer's victory in the final ticket will not make the finale better. Fans of Salman and Baseer use hashtags that benefit each participant. It will be interesting to see which participants are eligible to win the Ace of Space 2 title.

On the second day of the vote, the battle intensifies as the gap between Salman, Baseer and the rest of the participants grows.

Is Salman's relationship with Krissane helping or losing him?

#krissman is a very popular hashtag among Salman Zaidi's fans. Fans of Salman and Krissane love relationships inside the house. But there are certain parts of the fan who feel that Salman is distracted by his love story.

Twitter's Ace of Space 2 winner voting trend – November 2

Participants will be placed in the following order according to the audience who voted in the Popularity and Top Polls report on Twitter.

One.Salman Jaidee 2.#BaseerAli three.#ShrutiSinha 4.#Adnaan 5.# Prakuruti

Fans congratulate Salman Zaidi on the win of Ace of Space 2


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