& # 39; Outer world & # 39; is abandon romance for friendship and is better for it

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noteThis article contains a spoiler. Outside world.

in Outside worldAdventure is abundant, rich in planets and new frontiers, and players are not starving for choice. In-game problems can be solved in a variety of ways, and you can assign a character to create a variety of builds. Players can explore vibrant alien worlds and futuristic cities, and adventure awaits in almost every corner.

But there is something that can not be done. Try your hand to break the cold Zero Gee Brews without lighting the candle and seduce many companions of the game.

Outer Worlds set off on a journey not to freeze their fellow colonists when the spaceship was abandoned at the edge of the universe. To wake up chemicals, you have to jump over the system, jump over the system, and gather crew in the process. The crew can help you in battle, provide stat bonuses and buffs, and even gain weight. They are crucial to your success.

And you can not romance any of them. Not only is the option the player expects Outside world Gorgeous cast quickly gains affection.

But lost romance is not a mistake. There is a purpose. The game focuses on friendship, not romance, and is better.

Unique characters who run gamblers, from priests, fearless hunters, and medics. Many of them invite themselves to their ships with their motives that are often completely eliminated from you and your mission. Shy but brave mechanic Parvati clearly communicating Kaylee in TV series FirefliesIt makes a particularly strong impression.

Your mission brings you to the Groundbreaker, a galaxy space station that works outside the company's jurisdiction. This rather noisy station is a non breaker and is run by Junlei Tennyson who wants to keep the ground breaker running with limited resources.

Instead of playing part of the star-crossing lover (forgive pun), take on the role of matchmaker.

At the first meeting with Junlei, Parvati was noticeably confused, and over time she had a significant crush on the captain. Instead of playing part of the star-crossing lover (forgive pun), take on the role of matchmaker. To pursue Junlei, you need to instill enough confidence in Parvati, and the next is a trip across the stars to collect the ingredients for the perfect date.

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As the quest progressed, I felt something I didn't feel for years in RPG. Parvati became my new best friend. One step in the quest was a shelter, where Parvati, who grew up in a colonial colony, sent us to his first taste for alcohol. Throwing a few things away from your best friend and the space Cantina is as attractive as the side quests get, and perfectly encapsulates what's so refreshing. Outside worldMake a relationship.

I had the opportunity to poke fun at lightweight while reducing the drinks with you and the other crew of your choice. Between jokes and congenital ribs, you learn that Parvati is lush, and fear of Junlei's rejection of her due to aversion to physical intimacy. It's a complex and sensitive issue that the game rarely cares about.

Outside world It handles built-in and true feelings, such as fear of rejection, while allowing the story to go smoothly and in a position to emphasize Pavarti's worries.

At that moment my view of my crew and my position changed. I felt I had to take care of them and even protect them.

Alien Romance Character Quest parvatitwitter

Many people will compare Outside world The moment you start playing, for obvious reasons fallout. But when it comes to relationships Mass effect Feel related. In Bioware's epic trilogy with larger and more diverse crew members, you can romanticize many of your colleagues. Its mechanics can change how many crew you see and even how they play the game.

Romance is gamed in a way that feels unrealistic and doesn't go meaningful to your peers. In general, players will have a choice adventure. After all, romance culminates (perhaps literally) in scenes that may or may not include nudity. In some games Mass effectThis is reinforced by the achievement of “winning” the romance sequence of your choice.

It's fun to fool your friends Mass effect, or Dragon AgeHowever Outside world It proves that strong friendships are important, valid and worth exploring. When the mission was completed, I realized that Parvati's interest was more authentic and convincing than most romantic subfloats he had enjoyed in the game. Perhaps you need to rework the formula to provide greater rewards than sex scenes and achievements.

Perhaps it is time to move on to character stories that explore previously unknown stories, such as Parvati, which provides a background for personal stories instead of conquest of the future. Outside world Truly focusing on the Plato relationship between the player and fellow NPCs shows that it can be more rewarding or even more fulfilling than dull romance to meet the player's expectations.

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