20 Worst Things Kody Has Ever Done To The Sister Wives

FTA Sister sister Premiere in 2010 is a reality show with a focus on revenge. Viewers follow the life of a polygamous family of four women and one male. Cody is in the center and has four wives. The union of four women, Mary, Janelle, Christine, and Robin, gave us 18 beautiful children.

Women live in separate homes with Cody. Cody should make rounds at all homes and make sure girls have equal attention. Women try to please their children, of course, to please their husbands. Cody, on the other hand, acts as he wants. He has done things that offended one or all of his wives many times, but there are 20 cases where Cody seems to have crossed that line.

20 He admitted he was not attracted to Christine

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Christine is the most needed wife of four women. The show also portrayed her as Kody's favorite person. Sadly, her husband does not have the same feelings for her. According to intouchweekely.com, Cody is not attracted to Christine. He even talks about how her meals repel him.

19 Prevent Mary from having more children

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Her first sister Mary could not have more children after having her first daughter. When Robin entered the family, she offered Mary as a representative as follows: cheatsheet.com Giving Hope to Be a Mother As soon as Cody felt the wind for the idea, he dismissed it. So Mary had to be satisfied with just one child.

18 He admitted that he was not attracted to Robin at first.

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Cody likes the fourth wife more than the other, but was not attracted to her when she first met. According to cheatsheet.com, Cody has already formed her specific figure on his head. I classified her as a soccer mom with kids and a van. At the time, Robin divorced three children, and Cody thought she was the last woman attracted.

17 Refuse to meet a wife in an important decision

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Cody is the king of the castle and definitely acts like one. He sometimes makes decisions without consulting his sister's wife. According to goodhousekeeping.com, He wants to move his family from Nevada to the Arizona flag staff. None of the wives were thrilled with the move and did not know that he intended everyone in the house to see all the children.

16 There are play favorites

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Cody expects her sister's wife to manage her jealousy, but sometimes she can't help each other, but she can't be envious. Cody loves Robin and spends a lot of time with her. I can understand because she is the latest catch yahoo.com, If Cody cares too much for a wife, they don't like it.

15 Cody Plays With Boys While Girls Stay Indoors

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According to cheatsheet.com, Cody is an absent dad and we can guess why. The wives complain that Cody does not spend meaningful time with them. Now imagine you need to give 18 children one at a time. When there is time, he mostly plays with boys and makes girls stay home with mom.

14 Divorced Mary to marry Robin.

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Cody can legally marry one wife at a time. Another wife who is not a legitimate wife is his spiritual wife, but had some form of wedding. Robin came into the family with three children, and since the family had to divorce Cody's first wife Mary, she fully recognized the children and explained to Robin to act as a ring bearer. babygaga.com At least that's why he gave it.

13 He married a former sister

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Janelle is Kody's second wife. Interestingly, Janelle once married Meri's brother.. In an interesting case, Janelle divorced Meri's brother, found herself in the house of law and found herself in her older sister and eventually married her husband. How that is still embarrassing for many of us.

12 He married his sister

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If Cody thinks it is strange to marry her sister in law, what about the fact that she married his sister? As described cheatsheet.com, Janelle (yes, again Janelle) is Kody's half-sister. how? Cody's father marries Janelle's mother, who helps her brother. It's so strange!

11 He wanted to marry his nephew

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If Cody thought it was strange, you are very mistaken. Six years after he married Robin, Cody expressed his interest in wanting to marry his fifth wife. His gaze was shown to Robin's nephew Mindy Jessup. nickiswift.com I was working as Robyn's nanny. Of course, Robin did not have any of them and threatened to leave if Cody proceeded with the plan.

10 Cody did not take good care of his wife.

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In 2005, Cody and Mary had to file for bankruptcy with little money on their names. cheatsheet.com. When the second wife, Janelle, took a picture, the family struggled financially until Janet wrapped up his bag and went bad enough to leave. Many wonder why Cody took another wife when she could barely support her.

9 He reduced his family's income

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According to nickiswift.com, The sisters had to cut their salaries or lose their salary. Of course, Cody was a man in the house, who negotiated a new salary for the family. The wives went to divide $ 180,000 from receiving $ 180,000 each.

8 Cody wants a fifth wife

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We do not know how much wife Cody is trying to marry, so we can finally reconcile and feel happy. Nickiswift.com Cody reveals that he is willing to marry his fifth wife. But he wants a young woman with a hot body like Robin. In early 2019, there were rumors that he had succeeded in doing this, but the Browns have not yet confirmed the news.

7 He had a Bigamy claim to the family

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While the Browns lived in Utah even in 2010, the family was almost responsible for polygamy. The family had to move to Las Vegas, but the law was a bit more generous. cheatsheet.com It is unfortunate that Cody took the family to it because of his selfish desire to have many wives.

6 Each wife expects to be mother to all children

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According to babygaga.com, Cody expects four wives to have each other's children. Children consider each adult a parent, and each mother considers herself an 18-year-old mother. As it is not enough yet, wives should also include each other in their life choices and participate in each other's lives.

5 He had a catfish

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When Mary signed the divorce papers, she signed a divorce paper to ensure that both Cody and Mary, Robin, could legally marry. They barely saw their eyes, and Mary was very lonely in her marriage. According to thelist.comThis caused her to cheat with the man who was later identified as the woman.

4 He often loses temper

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Cody is sometimes different from what we see on TV. Obviously, he has a hot temper and this is what all his wives are well aware of. Even some of their friends saw it. His head influenced his perfect relationship with Robin. nickiswift.com

3 Cody expects his wives to be good friends

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Another rule imposed by Cody is that wives should try to get as good as possible. Expecting these women to coexist is already too many questions, and asking them to be friends is pushing too far for Cody. Nevertheless, wives adhere to the husband's demands and once a week babygaga.com

2 I forbid my brother-husband

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Cody was marked hypocritical to prevent wives from having relationships with other men, but she is free to allow four women's companies and add another wife if desired. Cody himself admits babygaga.com, He says he is a hypocrite who demands his wives to do so, but he adds that it is wrong for a woman to be involved in more than one man and is against God and nature.

One Cody slapped a sister's friend

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There is a possibility that Cody can bring another wife home, and if she does, at least she should have an attitude to pick out who she has not met. Cody does not have the same idea. According to nickiswift.com, He bluntly asked Robin's friend to become her fifth wife.

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